ECA, Collection, and Processing

EDDM Product Capability

Save significant time and money with the industry’s only solution that both identifies responsive data prior to collection, and combines processing and collection into a single process.

Key Features

Eca Pre Collection Analytics

In Place Analytics and Review for Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Perform early case assessment through a broad set of analytic and predictive intelligence capabilities that enable rapid identification of the most important documents in a dataset prior to collection. Uncover crucial documents and communications prior to 26(f) conferences to support your proportionality and strategic arguments.

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Exterro Smart ECA

Available in the AI Edition, Exterro Smart ECA leverages AI algorithms to produce rich visualizations that identify contextual relationships between custodians and content stored in your business.

Eca Targeted Collections

Targeted Collections

Perform targeted collections and full e-discovery document review with a “one-click” ability to collect only the relevant files that are identified during ECA.

Eca Broadcast Set Data Sources

Broadest Set of Data Source Integrations

Exterro supports the ability to connect to an ever growing list of 50+ on premises and cloud-based data sources, eliminating the need to send requests to multiple stakeholders to perform collections.

Eca Next Gen Data Processing

Next Generation Data Processing

Exterro is unique in the market by combining processing with collection and offering documents for review almost immediately after the collection process is started, thus saving you time and money while reducing risk associated with manual handoffs and promotions. In addition, our underlying technology has been built with the future in mind, able to easily and quickly process vast amounts of data without impacting performance for your users.

Eca Gateway Coordinator

Innovative, Patent-Pending Collection

Exterro’s Gateway Coordinator enables you to leverage the power, scalability, security, and cost-benefits of cloud-based applications while minimizing the cost of collecting and processing on-premises data sources.

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ECA / Collections Dashboard
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3rd Party Integrations

Leverage your existing IT investments by utilizing Exterro's open architecture and integrations with enterprise infrastructure, data sources, and other 3rd party applications

3rd Party Integrations

Customer Testimonial

Dan Pelletier - Senior Litigation Technology Manager

Dan Pelletier, Senior Litigation Technology Manager at GAF, explains how Exterro’s collection technology helps internal and external legal teams at GAF defend their claims more effectively.

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Product Brief

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E-Discovery Data Management Product Brief

To learn more about the capabilities of Exterro E‑Discovery Data Management and how it can help you in your early case assessment process, download the product brief.

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