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About this Quiz

Should I take this Quiz?

You should take this quiz if you want to...

  • Understand your organization's e-discovery maturity
  • Improve your in-house e-discovery processes
  • Learn more about what mature e-discovery operations look like
  • Gain access to the complete eMSAT-1

How does it work?

The quiz consists of 20 multiple choice questions based on best practices ranging across the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) from information governance through matter closing.

It then calculates a maturity score on the following scale from 1 to 5:

  1. No Process, Reactive
  2. Fragmented Process
  3. Standardized Process, Not Enforced
  4. Standardized Process, Enforced
  5. Actively Managed Process, Proactive

What will I get?

Once you complete the quiz, you will receive an overall e-discovery maturity score, as well as a breakdown of your results in key categories including:

  • Information Governance
  • Identification, Preservation, and Collection
  • Data Processing and Hosting
  • Data Review and Analysis
  • Data Production
  • Personnel and Support
  • Matter Closing

You will also have access to the complete eMSAT-1, a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. This test is more comprehensive than the quiz and is best completed collaboratively by your full e-discovery team.

What will you do with my data and results?

While the quiz does aggregate your responses to these questions and your results, they are anonymized and not linked to either your email or your organization.

What should I do after I take the quiz?

When you receive your score, you’ll have a good sense of where your e-discovery processes meet best practices and where you have opportunities for improvement. If you’re not of the ways you can refine your process, a good next step is to download EDRM’s eDiscovery Maturity Self-Assessment Test (eMSAT-1), which takes a deeper dive into e-discovery best practices.