Exterro's Commitment During COVID-19

In support of your efforts to deal with the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to acknowledge the important role our software and services play in your business continuity plans and wanted to proactively share the efforts that Exterro is taking to ensure we remain a reliable partner for you.

Exterro is monitoring the situation closely and keeping the health and safety of employees and customers as our top priority. As per our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) we have initiated a response plan to ensure that our software and services will continue to meet your business needs.

Specifically, Exterro has:

  • Validated our ability to maintain current levels of availability for both internal Exterro systems and our customer platforms.
  • Confirmed that our customer implementation and support teams are fully equipped to meet the expectations of our clients. We expect no disruptions at this time due to the virus and are prepared to maintain this level of activity should any or all of our workforce be required to work remotely.
  • Communicated with our employees, ensuring they understand that their health, and that of their families and our customers is of utmost importance to our Leadership team and our company. Exterro is actively looking to health authorities to monitor and update recommendations on this rapidly evolving situation. We recommend employees to take additional precautionary steps as warranted using guidelines set by federal, state and local authorities. If possible, employees are to limit non-critical business travel and are encouraged to meet with clients and coworkers via virtual web-based technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Please provide details of how your business model has changed due to COVID-19?

Exterro’s business model has not changed as a result of COVID-19. As a company with a very mobile and dispersed workforce, Exterro designed its business model to work as a virtual company. By design our corporate offices are a convenience, not a necessity. Our systems are structured to allow any and all of our employees to work in remote locations. Consequently, our leadership was able to activate our pandemic response in our Business Continuity Plan, without a hitch. 

2. If you’ve changed to a “work at home” environment:

a. Are you experiencing service level disruptions?

b. How long can you ensure service level reliability?

Exterro’s pandemic response calls for employees to work from home offices. Our infrastructure is based on Amazon Web Services, so our service delivery does not rely on staffing and equipment at a specific location. All employees are online and communicate as needed with the rest of their team. There have been no service level disruptions. We can operate like this for an indefinite amount of time, with no negative impact on service level reliability. 

3. What data protection controls have been deployed for those employees and contractors working remotely?

Our systems have been designed to provide security for remote working, at all times. No changes were required to operate normally during this pandemic.

4. What key actions are being taken by your organization to ensure service levels are maintained?

See answers above. 

5. Does your plan include sub-contractors, and have you reached out to your subcontractors to validate their pandemic readiness and data protection controls?

Our only subcontractor is Amazon Web Services, which provides web hosting services; no additional data protection controls are necessary. 

6. Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact your designated Client Success Manager or Account Manager. If you do not know who your designated contact is, please open a Support Ticket by visiting the Support Portal here or sending an email to support@exterro.com.