US Data Privacy Laws

After CCPA, (California Consumer Privacy Act) passed in 2018, multiple states have proposed similar legislation to protect consumers. Below, please see an up-to-date interactive map highlighting enacted privacy bills from across the country.



Task Force Substituted for Comprehensive Bill

Statute/Bill in Legislative Process:

In Committee
Cross Chamber
Cross Committee

Last updated: First published 7/13/20, last updated 3/4/21

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Alabama - In Committee

Alaska - In Committee

Arizona - In Committee

Arkansas - To Be Determined

California - Signed 

Colorado - Signed

Connecticut - Task Force Substituted for Comprehensive Bill

Delaware - To Be Determined

Florida - In Committee

Georgia - To Be Determined

Hawaii - To Be Deteremined

Idaho - To Be Determined

Illinois - In Committee

Indiana - To Be Deteremined

Iowa - To Be Determined

Kansas - To Be Determined

Kentucky - To Be Determined

Louisiana - Task Force Substituted for Comprehensive Bill

Maine - None

Maryland - Cross Committee

Massachusetts - Task Force Substituted for Comprehensive Bill

Michigan - To Be Determined

Minnesota - In Committee

Mississippi - None

Missouri - To Be Determined

Montana - To Be Determined

Nebraska - In Committee

Nevada - Signed

New Hampshire - In Committee

New Jersey - In Committee

New Mexico - In Committee/Bill Died

New York - In Committee

North Carolina - To Be Determined

North Dakota - Task Force Substituted for Comprehensive Bill

Ohio - To Be Determined

Oklahoma - To Be Determined

Oregon - To Be Determined

Pennsylvania - In Committee/Bill Died

Rhode Island - In Committee

South Carolina - In Committee

South Dakota - To Be Determined

Tennessee - To Be Determined

Texas - Introduced

Utah - To Be Determined

Vermont - To Be Determined

Virginia - In Committee/Bill Died

Washington - Cross Committee

West Virginia - To Be Determined

Wisconsin - None Died

Wyoming - To Be Determined


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