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The team at Exterro creates memes and cartoons about the daily struggles of e-discovery professionals. We encourage you to share these with your colleagues, family, and friends!


Document Review: It's for the Birds.
"I think I found our one bad apple."
The Taskatron
April Fools Supreme Court: "We Give Up!"
Storing Data In File Cabinets
E-Discovery Adolescence
Banana EDRM
New Data Types
Data Hoarders
Reasonableness T-Rex
E-Discovery Bear


In Person Again... Finally!
festivus miracle
Hold My Phone
Before It Was Cool
Privacy Iceberg
Before and After Legal GRC
FTK Connect Bike Meme
FTK Connect 2
With Friends Like These...
Exterro Review Final Four
You Had Me at Free
Wordle Review
CPRA Looming
Data Inventory Annakin
Data Privacy Day 2022
Spreadsheets Still?!?
CPRA Change My Mind
Buff Dog Breach Management
Sunny Side Data Retention
E-Discovery Day 2021
Red Flag Meme
Waiting for a federal privacy law
Don't Sweat Privacy and Compliance
Never go back to spreadsheets
Oprah reacts to your CCPA plan
Raise Your Hand If... Meme
We have a response plan, right?
Zoolander Mugatu
So You're Telling Me There's a Chance
Power Outage Meme
Oprah Data Retention
Never Get Hacked
Lebron can't believe it
Become your parents new technology
I love data meme
I do not think that means what you think it means
Push the button 2
inadequate security
types of headache 2
Custodian Response
DSAR for free
data breach oops
allergy medication
thumbs up exterro
But wait, there's more
Smooth DSAR Meme
CPRA 2021 Meme
Cat Lawyer Meme
Feel the Bern Meme
Fear Factor Meme
Living Dangerously Meme
Data Retention New Years Meme
DSAR Professionals Meme
Doggy Data Breach Meme
Seinfeld 2020 Meme
CPRA Crying Meme
Throne of Lies Meme
Elections 2020 Meme
Beetlejuice Retention Meme
Addams Harmonized Meme
Baby Yoda Data Privacy Meme
Legal Twitter Meme
Zoolander Meme
Ricky Meme
cat breathing meme
Blink Meme
Privacy Walk Meme
Charlie Brown Meme
Last Dance
Help Meme
Bro Meme
Ready for DSARs
Chili CCPA Meme
Old Guy Meme
Buzz Meme
Remote v. In Person Meme
Comfy Meme
Wolf of E-Discovery
CCPA is Coming
Inevitable Meme
Compliance King
Headache Meme
Back to the Future Meme
TP Meme
Work From Home Meme
Marriage Story Meme
Serious Talk Meme
Larry Meme
Ross Meme
Harold Meme
LegalWeek Kid
Monkey Puppet
Is This a Meme?
Peloton Lady
Kylo Ren
Shocked Oprah
Run Tom Run
Baby Yoda
Too Much E-Discovery
Egregious, Preposterous, Outrageous
Gravy River
Unsettled Tom
Dinner Spat
Baker Mayfield
CCPA is When?
Cat Bun
Angry Pumpkin
I Don't Know Who Needs to Hear This
The Dude Abides
Aliens Meme
Disgusted Baby
Homer - Doh!
Bad Eli
Where Ya'll Sitting?
Nicolas Cage
10 Year Challenge
Michael Scott Fact Week
Haystack Burn
Budget Celebration
Water Polo Meme
Love You 3000
Loses Their Mind Meme
Run Away!
Burn Them All
Jeff Goldblum
Disgusted Daenerys
Black Hole
Lillard Time Meme
Waiting... Meme
Left Exit Meme
Sorry Meme
Change My Mind
Final Four
Spark Joy Meme
Defensible Keyboard Warriors
E-Discovery Star is Born
Tony Stark Eyeroll
Bad News Ahead Meme
Kitten Cuddles Meme
Legalweek Cat
Back in My Day Meme
Who Told You to Delete the Emails?
Bird Box Meme
Frustrated Bird
Crybaby Doc Production
No Crying in E-Discovery
Santa Cat Meme
I Don't Always Issue a Legal Hold Meme
Buddy Loves E-Discovery Day
Budget Cat
What I Really Do
Legal Hold Bicyclist
inFusion '18 Orangutans
Infusion '18 Bear
Bart's Reward
Trumpet Boy Meme
Tired Review Kitten Meme
Dr. Evil Legal Hold
All Nighter
Meme Redacted
This Big Meme
Surprised Dog
Leo Doesn't Want to Wait
Legal Hold Cat
Fact Week Shark Meme
Morpheus Collect to Preserve
Kermit Weak ECA
No Work Today Meme
E-Discovery Day Big Deal Meme
Be Like Bill Meme
Preserve or Delete?!
Sad E-Discovery Pro Meme
Ferrell GDPR
Whose Line Is It Anyway
Costanza Wallet
GDPR Shocking
Zuckerberg Meme
Yoda Meme
GDPR Goonies Meme
Get Out Meme
Caddyshack Meme
Where's Waldo Meme
"Air Quotes" Meme
Relevant or Muffin Meme
99 Problems
Workflow Eye Roll
Legaltech Swag Guy Meme
Legaltech Problems
Elsa Meme
Homer Simpson
Caught Snoozing
Walter Sobchak
Kim K Document Review
Indiana Jones Meme
Elf E-Discovery Meme
Search for ESI Meme
Bad Moms Meme
Ron Burgundy Meme
Chalkboard Meme
Data Dump or Collection Gone Wrong
Legal Hold Monkey Business
E-Discovery Day Batman and Robin
Extreme Preservation Girl
IPP Skeleton
Caveman Lawyer
E-Discovery Eclipse
Chuck Norris E-Discovery
Dwight Schrute Legal Hold Fact
Dumb and Dumber Legal Hold Acknowledgement
Retro E-Discovery Guy
1889 Data Storage
Just Keep Culling
E-Discovery Process Tornado
Fortune Cookie Process
Evil Kermit Legal Hold
90214 Gossip
Automation Blues
I Don't Know Girl
Clark Gable Preservation
Early Bird ESI
Maury Lie Detector
The Joker vs Paralegals
E-Discovery Gone to the Dogs
Ryan Gosling's ESI
Overbearing Legal Hold
You Can't Handle the ESI
Donut Culling
Spongebob E-Discovery
E-Discovery Day is Over
Look at all this E-Discovery Day
E-Discovery Day is Just Around the Corner
I Don't Always Go to E-Discovery Day
Batman and Robin E-Discovery Day
E-Discovery Day 1889 Man
E-DIscovery Day Disaster Girl
E-Discovery Day is Coming
I'll See You at E-Discovery Day
Excited for E-Discovery Day
Han Solo Preservation
Jack I Automated
Alright, Alright, Alright
Show Me the ESI
E-Discovery Goodfellas
Keep Calm and Place a Legal Hold
ET Place Hold
Usain Bolt Optimize Process
E-Discovery Game Face
Larry David E-Discovery
E-Discovery Box of Chocolates
Conspiracy Ted
Pokemon Meme
Office Space Legal Hold
Airplane Just Kidding
Spreadsheet Disaster Girl
Evil Stored Information
The Hills Are Alive With Big Data
When E-Discovery Collections Get Out of Hand
Success Kid Confirm Rate
Batman and Robin Legal Hold
Grumpy Cat Doc Review
Holdy Hold Holds
Business Cat Smoking Gun
Legal Hold Koala
One does not simply follow the edrm
Not Happy