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Winter 2018-19 Release: What's New in Exterro's E-Discovery Platform?

Created on January 11, 2019

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

Exterro® Inc., the preferred provider of software specifically designed for in-house legal and IT teams at Global 2000 and AmLaw 200 organizations, today announced the availability of the Winter 2019 release of the Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite. New capabilities include Exterro Office 365 Explorer and Exterro Smart ECA, in addition to other improvements across the Exterro suite addressing every phase of the e-discovery process.

 “With the Winter 2019 product release, Exterro provides significant additions and improvements to the Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite, giving users the ability to significantly reduce the time, money and resources needed to get to the facts of each matter,” said Bobby Balachandran, CEO at Exterro.

Selected Winter Release Highlights:

Exterro Office 365 Explorer: Exterro continues to enhance its integration with Office 365 with the release of Exterro Office 365 Explorer. Exterro Office 365 Explorer enables users to easily gain critical insights from custodian data stored in Microsoft Office 365 and identify additional custodians prior to collection. When using Exterro Office 365 Explorer, users can easily identify custodian data sources and volumes, see potentially relevant custodians in rank order, detect custodian relationships based on communication patterns, and effortlessly preserve in place or collect relevant data from Office 365.

Exterro Smart ECA is AI-driven Early Case Assessment which enables users to quickly identify potentially responsive data prior to collection by exposing contextual relationships between custodians and content. Exterro Smart ECA uses rich visualizations of content stored throughout the organization, letting the users explore concept clusters and communication patterns.

New and Improved Integrations: Users are now able to preserve and collect data from Google Vault and with the enhancement of the Slack integration can now collect from channels in Slack (in addition to direct messages).

“Digital transformation of enterprise is spurring investment in technologies such as cloud-based email exchanges and artificial intelligence (AI). The e-discovery market and e-discovery software capabilities are driven by the choices made at the enterprise level. Decisions about what types of data to use and store.  Therefore, the majority of the eDiscovery market is incorporating AI into their workflows and creating integrations with cloud-based email exchanges. To compete in the eDiscovery market today, software providers must monitor and adapt to the digital transformation efforts of the enterprise,” said Ryan O’Leary, Senior Research Analyst, Legal, Risk & Compliance at IDC.

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