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We're Getting Close to the Happiest Day of the Year (for E-Discovery Professionals)

Created on September 14, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

If you're even a semi-regular (ok, occasional?) reader of this blog, you know that one of the biggest days of the year for Exterro--but also for e-discovery professionals at law firms, LSPs, in-house legal departments, and anywhere else they might be--is E-Discovery Day. But whether you know about E-Discovery Day and have celebrated it multiple times with us and your fellow pros... here's some more information about what's coming up this December.

What Is E-Discovery Day?

E-Discovery Day is an annual event in which the e-discovery industry comes together to celebrate the vital and growing role that e-discovery plays in the legal process. It is an industry-wide, vendor-neutral celebration started and spearheaded by Exterro that includes in-person educational and networking events, online webinars, CLE opportunities, social media conversation, and more. E-Discovery Day was started in 2015 by Exterro as an opportunity for legal professionals from around the world to come together to learn, network, and celebrate the important role they play in the legal process.

Who Are the E-Discovery Day Partners?

We're thrilled to partner again with ACEDS and EDRM, whose strong connections to the e-discovery community help both build excitement for the event and ensure that educational activities provide real value to attendees, as well as with eDiscovery Today, the only daily go-to resource for e-discovery and eDisclosure professionals seeking to keep up with trends, best practices, and case lawEach of the partners is deeply involved in planning the day's events, which will include multiple educational webinars, live events like happy hours and toy drives for that other December holiday, and community celebrations like the Gayle O'Connor Spirit Award.

When is E-Discovery Day 2023?

In collaboration with our partners in this year's E-Discovery Day, EDRM, ACEDS, and eDiscovery Today, we're proud to announce that E-Discovery Day 2023 will be held on December 7, 2023. In fact, we've made the decision that going forward, E-Discovery Day will always be held on the first Thursday in December... so if you're curious, the big 10th annual E-Discovery Day will be held on Thursday, December 5, 2024! Start planning early!

What Does Everyone Have to Say about E-Discovery Day?

Let's recap some quotes that we have on the record about the big day.

“We are honored to spearhead this day which connects legal professionals from across the world to learn and celebrate all things e-discovery,” said Exterro Chief Marketing Officer Bill Piwonka. 

“Each year, the combination of E-Discovery Day educational sessions and networking events gets better, and e-discovery professionals look forward to this day all year!” said Doug Austin, Editor of eDiscovery Today. “eDiscovery Today is once again honored and excited to partner with Exterro, EDRM, and ACEDS in celebrating the ninth annual E-Discovery Day!”

Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist of EDRM, said, “EDRM is proud of our trusted partner, Exterro, for creating our very own e-discovery holiday where we can learn, gather, and celebrate with each other.” 

“Another year has flown by and we have a lot to celebrate on E-Discovery Day,” said Mike Quartararo, president of ACEDS. “Thank you to Exterro, Mary Mack at EDRM, Doug Austin at E-Discovery Today and to my colleagues at ACEDS for collaborating once again to bring the e-discovery community together to acknowledge and commemorate the work of legal professionals across the industry. Happy E-Discovery Day everyone!”

Want to Participate?

It's easy, just head over to the website, e-discoveryday.com, powered by Exterro, and sign up for the email newsletter!