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On-Demand Webcast - Implementing Effective E-Discovery Workflows Between Inside & Outside Counsel

Created on December 27, 2011

E-discovery is a complicated, time-consuming process involving resources from inside and outside the organization. Effective e-discovery management requires collaboration and communication between all parties to ensure the effective exchange of information around timelines, budgets and technical requirements. Communication breakdowns can result in lost evidence, missed deadlines and potential sanctions. Having defined, automated e-discovery workflows can prevent these breakdowns and allow the legal teams to manage internal and external activities through one unified, transparent and defensible process. This webcast explored:

  • E-discovery roles and workflows between inside and outside counsel
  • Common e-discovery pitfalls often encountered
  • Project management principles that mitigate communication breakdowns and errors


  • Jessica Robinson, J.D., M.B.A., Firmwide Manager, eDiscovery Resource Management, Morrison Foerster
  • Chris Garber, eDiscovery Manager, Allergan, Inc.
  • David Hartmann, Director of Client Success, Exterro (moderator)