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Some E-Discovery Trivia to Help You Get Ready for E-Discovery Day 2022

Created on October 21, 2022

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Behind the scenes, the team at Exterro, ACEDS, EDRM, and eDiscovery Today are busy brainstorming, planning, and organizing the 8th Annual E-Discovery Day celebration, scheduled this year for December 1st. While we’re not quite ready to announce all of the days’ events, it’s safe to say there will be an educational component, with informative webinars throughout the day, as well as a social element—with a fun online game and in-person celebrations across the country.

As we’re preparing for the big day, there is one great way for you to join in the fun—our Annual E-Discovery Day Survey. If you take the short survey and answer 10 light-hearted e-discovery questions (including the perennial debate over “e-discovery, ediscovery, or eDiscovery”), you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of two ACEDS Certification Scholarships, a $1495 value.

To get in the spirit of the day, let’s dig into some facts and trivia around E-Discovery Day and e-discovery in general!  

How do you spell e-discovery?

Yes, you can tell where Exterro comes down on the “how do you spell e-discovery” debate… but what about the community at large?

It turns out we’re in the minority, with only 34% of respondents this year (up from 28% last year!) agreeing with the hyphenated e-discovery. About 2/3 of respondents over the past two years prefer “eDiscovery,” perhaps out of allegiance to eDiscovery Today?

How do people get started in e-discovery?

We've often heard that people find their way into e-discovery roles, rather than starting out there. That seems to be true far more often than not. Only 9% of professionals began their career in e-discovery, compared to the 66% who found their way from being a paralegal, attorney, or IT professional. The 15% who entered e-discovery some other way are an interesting lot, though, with prior careers in forensics, records management, accounting and bookkeeping, and securities investigations to name a few.

How big is E-Discovery Day?

It's big, that's for sure. Since it started in 2015, almost 20,000 people have participated in E-Discovery Day activities (many of them multiple times) like webinars, happy hours, trivia games, and networking events. 40 different organizations including companies, educational groups, professional associations, and legal services providers have hosted or sponsored activities. We've hosted over 100 webinars and almost 70 live events... and it's still going strong!

Got an E-Discovery Day memory or tidbit you'd like to share? I'd love to know. Drop me a line and I'll try to share it with the community!