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Report: The Coronavirus E-Discovery Impacts Are Severe Across Industries

Created on June 24, 2020

European Marketing Director

The first quarter of 2020 created a seismic wave of change for organisations, professionals and working life, as the COVID-19 Coronavirus swept the globe and a worldwide pandemic was declared.

With cities and countries in lockdown, Governments enforced that most businesses and organisations react accordingly and move their entire workforces out of the office and into their homes. Working from home became not just the norm, albeit temporarily, but in most cases, mandatory.

Of course, this created huge and perhaps generational change to business as we know it.

The e-discovery industry was no different. Courts went virtual. Service providers moved entire operations online. Companies scrambled to modify their practices in line with Government advice and guidelines from relevant supervisory authorities.

The chaos had to be navigated, and the e-discovery industry had to keep moving forwards.

Exterro recently teamed up with the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) to identify and explore the impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on the e-discovery industry.

Access the free report by clicking here.

The results have been published in this report to start to build a picture of the impact this pandemic has had already, exploring key changes and challenges industry professionals have faced, and may continue to face in future.