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Remember to Ask Yourself This Question Before Buying E-Discovery Software

Created on February 9, 2018

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

When you’re making a decision about what e-discovery platform to use, it’s all too easy to get lost in the product’s features without thinking about another important (perhaps even more important) question.

How well does it play with your other software systems?

If your e-discovery platform isn’t well-integrated with other software you use, all the benefits it provides in terms of efficiency, automation, cost savings, and even effectiveness, could be lost.

Some key technology integrations for e-discovery platforms are obvious.

  • Can it collect data seamlessly from a variety of sources, including laptops and desktops, mobile devices, social media platforms, cloud data sources, and on-prem archives?
  • Does it import data from and export data to e-discovery point tools seamlessly?

But others are less obvious. If you want to find out the top 5 technology integration points your e-discovery software needs, including some you might not have thought about, download our informative infographic today!