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Becoming the Linchpin: How E-Discovery is Changing the Role of Paralegals

Created on February 24, 2021

Director of Marketing at Exterro

Often, when you think of the role of a paralegal, things like drafting documents, scheduling meetings, and taking notes come to mind. But that's so 20th century. In reality, the role of paralegals is rapidly evolving, with traditional responsibilities being augmented or even replaced by new focus areas and opportunities for advancement. E-Discovery is playing a significant role in these changing responsibilities. More and more, in-house e-discovery teams require a dedicated project manager to coordinate operations between the team members with more specialized roles, namely attorneys and IT experts. Often this role is filled by... Read More

Can You Compel Your Opponent to Use Technology Assisted Review (TAR)?

Created on February 19, 2021

Director of Marketing at Exterro

Mercedes-Benz Emissions Litigation (D.N.J. Jan. 9, 2020) show that even though the technology assisted review (TAR) has proven to yield better results and reduced costs to more traditional review methods, opponents can’t demand the use of TAR. Overview:In this environmental litigation case, the plaintiffs motioned to compel the defendants to use technology assisted review (TAR) within e-discovery based on the fact that TAR “yields significantly better results than either traditional human ‘eyes on’ review of the full data set or the use of search terms.”During e-discovery, the parties disagreed on how... Read More

Friday Funnies: Exterro's Meme Series - Winter Storm Edition

Created on February 19, 2021

Marketing Specialist, Exterro

Stay warm out there folks! Visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons or download Exterro's Legal Meme Anthology 2020 and share the fun with friends and colleagues! Remember, legal work is always better with a sense of humor! Read More

The Regulatory Environment is Changing. Legal Technology Should, Too.

Created on February 18, 2021

Founder and CEO

The following is the first post in a new blog series from Exterro CEO Bobby Balachandran, which will cover the challenges and solutions to issues that legal leaders care about. What a difference 10 years makes! Who could have predicted in 2011 that organizations today would be facing such an unprecedented degree of legal and regulatory scrutiny? Piled on top of that is the ever-increasing danger from ingenious and unpredictable cyber security risks. This perfect storm of data risk has prompted businesses to look more intensely at ways to address these challenges... Read More

Data Privacy News: New Rule May Require Banks to Report Incidents and Breaches Within 36 Hours

Created on February 12, 2021

Demand Generation Manager, Exterro

On January 12, 2021, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board), and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) titled "Computer-Security Incident Notification Requirements for Banking Organizations and Their Bank Service Providers (Proposed Rule)," which would create accelerated notification obligations for banking organizations and bank service providers in the event of a security incident.This would require a banking organization to notify its primary regulator no later than 36 hours after reasonably determining that a... Read More

Friday Funnies: Exterro's Meme Series - Cat Lawyer Edition

Created on February 11, 2021

Content Manager at Exterro

Surely, by now you've seen the video. Cat-lawyer or human-lawyer, Exterro is here to support your needs with great content! Visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons or download Exterro's Legal Meme Anthology 2020 and share the fun with friends and colleagues! Remember, legal work is always better with a sense of humor! Read More

Be Prepared! Don’t Show Up to Your Rule 26(F) Meet-and-Confer With Nothing But a Boilerplate

Created on February 10, 2021

Director of Marketing at Exterro

One of the key themes that federal judges have been emphasizing of late was around the importance of preparation and precision, both in crafting discovery requests and in objections. The revised Federal Rules of Civil Procedure make it quite clear that you must prepare requests with "reasonable particularity." Put more simply, you can't fake it. You have to know your stuff. What are you asking for? What are the reasons for your objection? Fortunately, early case assessment technology can help you get a look at the information you need before you even have... Read More