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Social Media Posts: The New E-Discovery Battleground

Created on July 2, 2020

Director of Marketing at Exterro

Qandah v. St. Charles County (E.D. Mo. April 2, 2020) proves that E-Discovery professionals have been saying it for years: social media will be the new battleground for proving your case. This case gives us a glimpse into the painstaking ordeal it may take sides to agree on what and when relevant social media data is produced. Overview:In this case, involving misconduct of a correctional officer against a prisoner, the plaintiff alleges that the defendant deleted relevant Facebook posts and moved for spoliation sanctions.To prove that the defendant intentionally let another... Read More

Friday Funnies: Exterro's Meme Series - CCPA Story

Created on June 25, 2020

Digital Marketing Manager

And if you need a refresher, read The Comprehensive Guide to Complying with the CCPA. Who says e-discovery isn't funny? If you're looking for an additional laugh, you can always visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues. Remember, E-Discovery is always better when you have a sense of humor. Cheers! Read More

Report: The Coronavirus E-Discovery Impacts Are Severe Across Industries

Created on June 24, 2020

European Marketing Director

The first quarter of 2020 created a seismic wave of change for organisations, professionals and working life, as the COVID-19 Coronavirus swept the globe and a worldwide pandemic was declared. With cities and countries in lockdown, Governments enforced that most businesses and organisations react accordingly and move their entire workforces out of the office and into their homes. Working from home became not just the norm, albeit temporarily, but in most cases, mandatory. Of course, this created huge and perhaps generational change to business as we know it. The e-discovery industry was... Read More

7 Best Practices for Information Governance

Created on June 23, 2020

Director - Solution Team Consultants at Exterro

Information governance is the set of rules used to control the creation, management, storage, and ultimately the disposition of data within an organization. It governs data from paper files, phone records, and voicemails to electronic data like emails, spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentations, database records, and new types of electronically stored information (ESI). As a definition, it works well, but in practice, it doesn’t necessarily tell you how to get from identifying the need for IG to having an effective, functioning set of policies and procedures. Fortunately, in Exterro’s Basics of E-Discovery... Read More

Wisconsin Proposed Data Privacy Law

Created on June 22, 2020

Demand Generation Manager, Exterro

Why This Privacy Law is Important: The Wisconsin Data Privacy Act is three separate bills that together would give consumers more control over their personal data, and would strengthen Wisconsin’s data security and breach notification requirements. Need to Know Information: Who it Applies To: The three bills define a “Consumer” as an individual who is a resident of the state of Wisconsin. The “Controller” is the company who is responsible for the consumer’s data. It excludes law enforcement, and federal, state, and local government individuals. What is Covered: The bills allow consumers... Read More

Minnesota Proposed Privacy Law

Created on June 22, 2020

Demand Generation Manager, Exterro

Overview/Status of Bill: Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act was introduced on March 2, 2020 to the State House of Representatives and to the State Senate on March 11, 2020. If approved, the bills would enter into effect on July 31, 2021. Need to Know Information: What is Covered: Consumers would have the right to access, right to correction, right to deletion, right to data portability, and right to opt out of their personal data held by a controller or processor. In addition, the bills set out the processes for the exercise of... Read More

Proposed Pennsylvania Privacy Law

Created on June 22, 2020

Demand Generation Manager, Exterro

Why This Privacy Law is Important: Pennsylvania along with many other states is in the process of enacting privacy legislation focusing on the protection of consumers’ personal data. Currently pending before the Committee on Consumers, the bill addresses consumer data privacy by setting forth the rights of consumers as well as the duties of companies relating to the collection of consumer personal information. Overview/Status of Bill: This bill provides additional rights and control to consumers over how their personal data is being collected and used. Pennsylvania residents would have the right to... Read More