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Be Cautious When Trying to Apply a Proportionality Test to Nullify Preservation Requests

Created on October 27, 2011

Vice President, E-Discovery

Most attorneys know that a proportionality test (cost-benefit analysis) will be applied when judging the fairness of a production request. But does this test apply to preservation requests too? In Pippins v. KPMG LLP, No. 11 Civ. 0377 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 7, 2011), the court ruled that the answer is no. In this case, cost shifting or a limitation of the scope of the preservation request could not be applied.In Pippins, the defendants, KPMG, motioned for a protective order to limit the scope of the preservation request or shift preservation costs to the... Read More

The Challenge Continues: Protecting Privileged Information

Created on October 21, 2011

Vice President, E-Discovery

A frequent theme of e-discovery case law in 2011 is protecting attorney-client privilege in the e-discovery realm. Primarily due to mistakes and ignorance in dealing with electronically stored information (ESI), parties have inadvertently produced and subsequently waived their attorney-client privilege, disclosing to opposing counsel valuable private information. Not only does this impact case outcomes, but it can also bring about negative publicity and adversely affect brand reputation for the law firms and corporate clients they represent. Case in point: MSP Real Estate, Inc. v. City of New Berlin (E.D. Wis. July 22... Read More

Exterro Participating in Mid-Year EDRM Conference

Created on October 18, 2011

Exterro is looking forward to participating in the mid-year EDRM conference, which is taking place October 19-20 in St. Paul Minnesota.  Representing Exterro at the meeting will be Bob Rohlf, director of e-discovery strategies, Joe Aakre, e-discovery solutions consultant and Debbie Caldwell, director of marketing communications.  They'll be actively participating in the IGRM, Metrics, Search & XML projects, which you can learn more about at www.edrm.net. According to the conference website, the objective of this meeting is to bring together the EDRM working groups for face-to-face meetings to work through the issues and... Read More

Upcoming Webcast: Advancing Workflow-Driven E-Discovery Management With Exterro’s Fusion LawFirm® Suite

Created on September 23, 2011

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/654045817Advancing Workflow-Driven E-Discovery Management With Exterro's Fusion LawFirm® SuiteEnhanced workloads, shrinking staff sizes, evolving defensibility standards and advancing technology are just a few of the challenges facing law firms today. Investing in software solutions for effectively managing this process can be daunting. This webcast will provide an overview of the newly unveiled Fusion LawFirm®. Attendees will learn how Exterro's comprehensive e-discovery suite can help litigation support professionals and attorneys deliver enhanced project management services across the EDRM spectrum, from custodian interviews, legal hold... Read More

Exterro E-Discovery Software Platform Named as Trend-Setting Product for 2011 by KMWorld

Created on September 15, 2011

Exterro®, the legal industry's most trusted provider of e-discovery software solutions, today announced that its Fusion e-discovery software platform has been named by KMWorld magazine as a Trend-Setting Product for 2011. Exterro®, rated by corporations and law firms as one of the most user-friendly applications, was built from the ground up specifically for managing e-discovery and is uniquely designed to bridge the gap between legal and IT teams.Exterro® is a unified, workflow-driven e-discovery software platform that empowers corporations and law firms to establish defensible, repeatable business processes for managing complex caseloads.  The... Read More

What's in a Name? How "Exterro" Came to Be

Created on September 9, 2011

Exterro was featured in an entertaining article on the Law Technology News website this week about the origins of  tech company names.Here is an excerpt about the naming of Exterro:Portland, Ore.-based Exterro, founded in 2004, is a maker of e-discovery workflow management technology and the Fusion software suite. Bobby Balachandran, company president and CEO, wrote via e-mail that the origin of Exterro's name comes from the word "terra," Greek for earth or globe. "Moreover, 'tera' is a prefix that denotes one trillion and I liked that connotation for a company like ours... Read More

Exterro Unveils Unified E-Discovery Suite for Law Firms at ILTA

Created on August 24, 2011

Tuesday at ILTA, Exterro introduced FusionLawFirm™, a complete, end-to-end e-discovery software suite designed to meet the growing needs of law firms. Fusion LawFirm enables legal teams to efficiently and predictably deliver enhanced project management services to their corporate clients across the entire EDRM spectrum. Fusion LawFirm is offered via Exterro's flexible, flat-fee pricing model, becoming the industry's most cost-effective, comprehensive e-discovery suite for law firms.  To read the full press release click here.The early reaction to Fusion LawFirm at ILTA has been very positive.  One attendee was especially impressed with the unified nature of the product suite... Read More