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Q&A: Understanding the E-Discovery Implications of Employee Status Changes

Created on March 10, 2014

Exterro and FTI Consulting recently hosted a webcast, “Understanding the E-Discovery Implications of Employee Status Changes.” The presentation addressed the risk of corporate data spoliation caused by employment status changes, such as departures or departmental transfers. Presenters Antonio Rega, managing director at FTI Consulting, and Scott Giordano, corporate technology counsel at Exterro, examined the issue and offered a number of best practices and technology considerations surrounding this very common challenge.The full, one-hour webcast is available for on-demand viewing. Antonio and Scott also took part in a 5-minute webcast synopsis presentation, which highlights... Read More

Is “Sous-veillance” the Solution to U.S.-EU Privacy Conflicts?

Created on March 7, 2014

Scott M. GiordanoFollowing is a guest post by Scott M. Giordano, Exterro’s corporate technology counsel, who is attending the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Global Privacy conference this week in Washington, D.C.I’m attending the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Global Privacy Conference and one of the keynote speakers, David Brin, offered an interesting perspective that might offer some hope for resolving the seemingly intractable conflict between U.S. and EU approaches to privacy protection. Brin is the author of The Transparent Society, published in 1998 when the Internet was still... Read More

Cloud-Based E-Discovery: The Importance of Elasticity

Created on March 4, 2014

This is the second post in our series on cloud-based e-discovery. Our first post addressed key security and privacy considerations. The first generation of cloud-based e-discovery applications were largely designed to offer users a “quick fix" and offered limited functionality and paltry features. Many of the organizations that invested in such systems have grown frustrated by their inability to handle the complexities of modern day e-discovery demands. Today, opting for a cloud-based e-discovery system does not mean sacrificing enterprise class functionality. In fact, the cloud offers certain distinct advantages over the traditional... Read More

Email Attachments: Another Consideration in the Crazy World of E-Discovery

Created on February 27, 2014

Director of Marketing at Exterro

In-house litigation attorneys are busy people. Unlike most law firm attorneys, these legal professionals must be, among many other things, project managers. They manage multiple teams, including outside attorneys, internal litigation support and outside vendors across a variety of matters. In the past, during the paper age, in-house attorneys didn't have to worry about e-discovery considerations such as metadata, forensic collections or search terms. But the electronically stored information (ESI) age has brought with it an added layer of complexity that often leads to details being mismanaged or overlooked amidst so many... Read More

E-Discovery Podcast: Brett Burney from LegalTech New York

Created on February 26, 2014

Brett Burney has devoted much of his professional life to e-discovery and the use of technology in the practice of law. In 2007 he founded Burney Consultants to provide professional e-discovery consulting services to corporate executives and legal professionals. Prior to that he spent five years at the law firm Thompson Hine LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked extensively with litigation teams in building electronic document databases, counseling on e-discovery issues and managing the technical responsibilities of presenting electronic evidence at trial. Brett BurneyBrett Burney is a featured speaker at numerous... Read More

Cloud-Hosted E-Discovery Systems: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Security and Privacy

Created on February 19, 2014

This is the first in a series of posts on hosted e-discovery technologies. Future posts will explore issues around capabilities and interoperability, costs and return on investment (ROI), systems management and upkeep, and scalability. Many organizations are currently using cloud-hosted solutions, ranging from email services, such as Gmail, to popular business applications, like Salesforce. In recent years, a growing number of e-discovery technologies have also made the ascent to the cloud. While adoption of such systems is on the rise, concerns have been raised over whether cloud-based e-discovery systems can deliver the... Read More

E-Discovery and Information Governance Highlights from LegalTech New York ‘14

Created on February 12, 2014

LegalTech New York '14 got off to an inauspicious start last Monday when the New York City area was besieged by yet another big snowstorm. Fortunately, the snow had stopped falling, the sun was out by the time the conference got underway Tuesday morning, and LegalTech was as bustling and lively as ever.Here are a few key takeaways from The E-Discovery Beat's interactions with practitioners, experts and analysts at the conference:Information governance is everywhere, but what does it actually mean As we wrote in our preview post last week, one of the... Read More