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E-Discovery Software Market Experiencing Accelerated Growth

Created on January 8, 2013

Many people were taken aback when Gartner projected in its 2011 Magic Quadrant on E-Discovery Software that the e-discovery software market would grow to $1.5 billion in 2013. We knew the e-discovery technology market was hot; but was it really that hot?Fast forward two years, and it turns out Gartner was indeed a bit off. They actually underestimated the growth of the e-discovery software market. According to a new Gartner Market Trends report published in December, the e-discovery software market generated $1.4 billion in total revenue in 2012 and continues to grow... Read More

The 2012 E-Discovery Case Law Awards

Created on December 20, 2012

Director of Marketing at Exterro

2012 was a busy year for the E-Discovery Beat's Thursday Case Law series. In 47 posts, we have reported on a wide array of e-discovery issues, from cross-border privacy concerns to misguided preservation efforts in Apple v. Samsung to the judicial acceptance of predictive coding. Following is a look back at the E-Discovery Beat's Most Notable E-Discovery Rulings for 2012:Case Most Likely to Have Slipped Your Radar: Omogbehin v. Cino (3d Cir. June 20, 2012)This case evoked a common theme within e-discovery case law (which many might not have noticed) – allegations... Read More

2012 E-Discovery Themes: Predictive Technologies, Proactive Approaches, Defined Processes

Created on December 14, 2012

Director of Marketing at Exterro

In Exterro's recent webcast, 2012 E-Discovery Case Law Review: The 3 Ps for 2013, Maura Grossman, Esq., former United States Magistrate Judge Ronald Hedges and Jeane Thomas, Esq.presented and discussed three important e-discovery themes from 2012: Predictive, proactive and process. They emphasized best practices for legal teams moving forward in 2013.Following is a recap of the highlights from this informative and educational webcast: Predictive: The growing acceptance of new predictive technologies (e.g. Predictive Coding)Case Discussed: (1) In re: Actos (Pioglitazone) Products Liability Litigation (W.D. La July 27, 2012); (2) Global Aerospace Inc.... Read More

New Survey Reveals Corporate Counsel Seeking Cost Savings and Greater Efficiency

Created on December 11, 2012

In-house legal departments feel stretched thin and are looking for ways to reduce outside expenses, according to a new survey conducted by ALM Legal Intelligence, a sibling organization of Corporate Counsel magazine. Seventy-one percent of respondents indicated that their workloads were heavier over the past year (slightly less than the previous year's survey), which reflects a troubling reality that many corporate law professionals are feeling overworked.There are a number of factors that have contributed to this trend. Many corporate legal departments have scaled down and are now employing fewer people. And while... Read More

Live Blogging at Georgetown's Advanced E-Discovery Institute: Day 2 -- Preparing for a Meet & Confer

Created on December 7, 2012

Date/Time: 10:00 - 11:15am (EST), Friday, December 7, 2012Participants: Moderator -- Laura M. Kibbe; Panelists -- Stephanie A. "Tess" Blair, Gerald G. Boccuti, Seth A. Katz, Mandi Ross Highlights3 key objectives when meeting with client before the meet and confer Are there any discovery issues? (spoliation, inaccessible data, etc.) Outside counsel needs to know the technical pain points for the client (data infrastructure, data types, etc.) How much is the client willing to compromise? Primary factors to be aware before heading into a meet and confer Be prepared and have a plan. This... Read More

Live Blogging at Georgetown's Advanced E-Discovery Institute: Day #2 -- The Evolving Role of eDiscovery Counsel

Created on December 7, 2012

Date/Time: :815 - 9:30am (EST), Friday, December 7, 2012Participants: Moderator -- James L. Michalowicz; Panelists -- Katherine Bertini, David Chaumette, Madeleine McDonough, Michelle SpakSession Description: The Evolving Role of eDiscovery CounselThis session discussed the role that e-discovery counsel plays throughout the discovery process. The moderator presented five questions to the panelists. The panelists were split up into teams, in-house counsel (Katerine Bertini (UTC) and Michelle Spak (Duke Energy) and outside counsel (Madeleine McDonough and David Chaumette). A lively and great discussion ensued that compared/contrasted perspectives between these two groups.HighlightsThe chief role of... Read More

Day One Recap from Georgetown's Advanced E-Discovery Institute

Created on December 6, 2012

It was an exciting and information packed first day at the Georgetown Law Advanced E-Discovery Institute. We encourage you to read our recaps of sessions on e-discovery case law, the economics of e-discovery and information governance.The conference keynote addressed data privacy and was delivered by J. Trevor Hughes, President and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. The general theme of the presentation was that there is such a constant and pervasive collection of personal information that we, as a society, have no idea the scope of just how little privacy... Read More