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Live Blogging at LTNY: Session on Budgeting for E-Discovery

Created on January 31, 2012

Date/Time: 2:00 - 3:15 (EST), Tuesday, January 31, 2012Participants: David Horrigan, Analyst, The 451 Group; Mike Knight, Partner, Jones Day; Lisa Markey, VP, Information Risk Management, Barclay's Capital Session Description: Budgeting for eDiscovery: Exploring your Approach to Cost Control and TransparencyIn this session, key attributes were discussed that can reduce e-discovery costs and assist in litigation readiness for corporations, law firms and government entities.Highlights Discovery varies greatly between litigation and regulatory inquiries.  In litigation information flows both ways between each party, while in regulatory proceedings information only flows one way, towards the government. For law... Read More

Live Blogging at LTNY: Session on E-Discovery Tips for In-House Counsel

Created on January 31, 2012

Date/Time: 10:30 - 11:45 (EST), Tuesday, January 31, 2012Participants: Vincent Catanzaro, Global Discovery Manager, DuPont Legal; Ari Kaplan, Principal, Ari Kaplan Advisors; Lynn Looby, Managing Counsel, Director of The Discovery Expertise Committee, Dow Chemical Co.; Renee Meisel, Legal Director, Dell Inc. Session Description: Advice from Counsel - Top Legal Minds in the Country Share their eDiscovery TipsIn this session, best practices were offered on how corporate legal departments can shape and define their e-discovery programs by effectively predicting costs and navigating cross border concerns.Highlights To effectively create a corporate e-discovery program their needs to be: (1) The legal... Read More

Live Blogging at LTNY: Session on New E-Discovery Technologies to Utilize in a Law Firm

Created on January 30, 2012

Date/Time: 3:45 - 5:00 (EST), Monday, January 30, 2012Participants: Mark Brophy, Director of Information Technology, Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC; Scott Christensen, Director of Information Technology, Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP, Eric Hunter, Director of Knowledge Management, Bradford & Barthel, LLP; Jim McCue, IS Manager, Rodney, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, P.A.; David Michel, Chief Information Officer, Burr & Forman Session Description: Six New Technologies You Should Know AboutIn this session, IT leaders present on six new technologies important for law firm IT operations, which include cloud computing, video conferencing to mobile devices, new VPN's... Read More

Live Blogging at LTNY: Session on Predictive Coding

Created on January 30, 2012

Date/Time: 3:45 – 5:00 (EST), Monday, January 30, 2012Participants: Daniel Garrie, Partner, FSRDG; and General Counsel, Pulse; Kathryn Goetz, Vice President of Litigation Discovery, Qualcomm; Maura Grossman, Counsel, Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz; Joel Mitnick, Partner and Co-Chair of eDiscovery Task Force, Sidley Austin LLP; Moderator: Warwick Sharp, Vice President, Equivio Session Description: More Predictive Than Ever: Predictive Coding, Predictive Costs, and Predictive Outcomes - New Techniques to Manage and Control Electronic Discovery In this session, a panel of four e-discovery experts discussed the emergence of predictive coding. They addressed the benefits... Read More

Live Blogging at LTNY: Session on eDiscovery Mgmt. and Cost Mgmt.

Created on January 30, 2012

Date/Time: 10:30 - 11:45am (EST), Monday, January 30, 2012Participants: Kim-An Hernandez, Senior Counsel, International Paper; Anthony Knaapen, Manager, Litigation Discovery, Chevron; Meagan Thwaites, Counsel - CRM Legal Department, Boston Scientific Corp. Session Description: Standardizing Processes for Discovery Management and Cost Management - An ROI Your GC Can AppreciateIn this session, the three panelists discussed eDiscovery accountability, efficiency and effectiveness and how in-house, outside counsel, IT, and business units must understand the complexities of the eDiscovery process and the cost ramifications of it. Highlights Best way to start to build an e-discovery process is to first develop an e-discovery... Read More

Live Blogging at LTNY: Keynote Session & LTN Awards

Created on January 30, 2012

Date/Time: 9:00 - 10:00am (EST), Monday, January 30, 2012Participant: John Frank, VP, Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation  Session Description: Ethical Business in a Global Economy: Prevent Corruption and BriberyIn this session, John Frank outlined the current challenges and opportunities surrounding compliance programs to detect and prevent corruption and bribery by global businesses.Highlights The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is ranked by corporations as one of the top compliance priorities. In 2010, the US government issues over $4 billion in regulatory fines for corporate corruptive practices. In the global economy, bribery of foreign... Read More

E-Discovery and Justice Sotomayor’s Opinion: “Reasonable expectation of privacy” is an unclear standard in today’s digital age

Created on January 26, 2012

Director of Marketing at Exterro

Under the 4th Amendment, the US Constitution acknowledges that individuals have a “reasonable expectation of privacy" but today's digital age has blurred the line of what is considered reasonable. While Congress has enacted the Stored Communications Act (SCA), U.S.C. 18 §§ USC 2701-12, there still is much confusion surrounding US privacy laws and what, when and how the SCA protects individuals. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor's concurring opinion in US v. Jones reinforces that this confusion about US privacy rights are even being felt at the top of the judiciary branch.In U.S. v... Read More