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The Key Role of Structured and Archived Data in E-Discovery

Created on June 10, 2014

Director of Marketing at Exterro

We know that large organizations retain lots of data across a variety of systems. Even when data is kept for long periods of time, identifying, accessing and searching it for e-discovery and regulatory purposes can pose major challenges depending on where it is stored.Questions that organizations constantly grapple with include: What is my information retention policy and do I need to suspend it? Does structured and unstructured data need to preserved? Where is all the information I need to preserve stored? How do I coordinate these activities? Who are they key IT... Read More

Understanding E-Discovery ROI: Legal Hold

Created on June 3, 2014

By: Scott Giordano, Esq.The following post is part one of E-Discovery Beat’s four-part series on understanding e-discovery return on investment (ROI). Today’s post looks at ROI in the context of the legal hold process. Part two in the series will address the collection, analysis, review and production phases. Why ROI for E-Discovery General Counsel are no different than the leaders of any corporate department in the sense that they have to justify every major expenditure, from staffing to technology, in order to receive (and continue to receive) funding. With that funding comes... Read More

Interview: EDRM's George Socha on Recent Updates to E-Discovery's Iconic Reference Model

Created on May 27, 2014

Earlier this month, EDRM unveiled updates to its ubiquitous Electronic Discovery Reference Model diagram. I spoke with EDRM co-founder, George Socha, about the changes and how the organization has evolved since its founding in 2005.Version 3 of the EDRM model was just published. Describe the changes to the model and the reasoning behind them?We made two changes to the leftmost box in the diagram. First, we changed the name from "Information Management" to "Information Governance." This change brings the EDRM diagram into alignment with the IGRM diagram as well as with generally... Read More

Federal Judges to Discuss Proposed FRCP E-Discovery Changes

Created on May 22, 2014

Last month the Civil Rules Advisory Committee approved a set of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) related to e-discovery. E-Discovery Beat previouslyreported on the specific changes being proposed to Rule 37 (e), involving sanctions, and Rule 26 (b)(1), involving proportionality.On May 29th and 30th, the Standing Committee is scheduled to review the Advisory Committee's proposals. If approved, they will be submitted to the Judicial Conference and Supreme Court. Congress will also have an opportunity to review the changes. The earliest that any FRCP amendments could go into effect... Read More

Incorporating Mobile Data into Your E-Discovery Game Plan

Created on May 20, 2014

Even just a few years ago, analyzing and collecting mobile device data was more of an e-discovery afterthought than something for which legal teams proactively planned. Today, the prevalence of mobile devices in the workforce has left organizations with no choice but to incorporate mobile data into e-discovery processes traditionally focused around “conventional" data types, such as email and word documents. The topic was addressed on a recent webcast sponsored by Exterro, Cellebrite and Alvarez & Marsal, titled “Step up Your ECA Game Plan with Mobile Device Data Collection."According the webcast speakers... Read More

Mobile Data Collection is ‘Must Have’ in Today’s E-Discovery Landscape

Created on May 7, 2014

Director of Marketing at Exterro

Data stored on mobile devices--often referred to as Mobile ESI (Electronically Stored Information, e.g. text messages, social media information, call logs, etc.) represents a new important category of potentially relevant evidence, which must be accounted for and, in most cases, preserved during e-discovery.Maybe only second to email, mobile ESI consists of information that may make or break a case, making it critical for review and assessment early on in a case. However, unlike the 'traditional' ESI, such that is typically found on computer and server hard drives, mobile ESI brings up a... Read More

EDRM Marks Tenth Anniversary with Eye Towards Future E-Discovery and Information Governance Initiatives

Created on April 30, 2014

Following is a guest post by Bob Rohlf, Exterro’s e-discovery counsel. A longtime EDRM member, Rohlf recently attended the organization’s tenth annual conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ve attended several EDRM conferences over the years, and always find St. Paul to be a delightful place to visit. Last week’s tenth annual EDRM conference was no exception. Even the weather cooperated. The snow storms of the prior week gave way to weather more attractive to an Oregonian – gray skies and a persistent rainy drizzle. Just like home! One would think that a... Read More