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“Defensible E-Discovery”: What does the phrase really mean?

Created on June 28, 2012

Director of Marketing Programs at Exterro

Corporate internal legal teams can learn a few things from the movie Fight Club. Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt), one of the main characters in the movie, creates and maintains a simple and clear overarching rule governing the club he creates: The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! Even though the movie Fight Club may be fictional, legal teams should channel Tyler's focus and clarity to their e-discovery practices. Instead... Read More

George Socha on Early Data Assessment, E-Discovery Guidance from the Courts and His Latest Project: Apersee

Created on June 26, 2012

Last week, we posted Part 1 of my interview with EDRM co-founder George Socha. In the second part of our conversation, George addressed some of his work around early data assessment, the role courts play in providing e-discovery guidance and Apersee, his latest project designed to help customers select from e-discovery software and service providers. Following is a recap of our conversation (click here to listen to the full interview):Bartholomew: You recently authored a series of articles and led a webcast on early data assessment. How does early data assessment differ from... Read More

Judge Facciola Stands Up for Cooperation During E-Discovery

Created on June 20, 2012

Director of Marketing Programs at Exterro

Sometimes people's actions cause their colleagues to stand up and take notice. In the sports arena, it might be dunking a basketball in the face of the opposing team's star player or winning the U.S. Open in golf on one leg (e.g. Tiger Woods in 2008). We have recently witnessed the equivalent to this within the legal world in Magistrate Judge John Facciola's recent opinion from Tayadon v. Greyhound Lines, Inc (D.D.C. June 6, 2012). In a rare move, Judge Facciola came outright and proclaimed that everyday adversarial gamesmanship between parties would... Read More

E-Discovery Luminary George Socha Talks About EDRM’s Sixth Year Kick-Off (Part 1)

Created on June 19, 2012

In the world of e-discovery, few people are as respected as George Socha. After litigating cases for nearly two decades, George founded Socha Consulting in 2003 to offer his services as an electronic discovery expert witness, special master, and adviser to corporations, law firms and their clients. That same year he teamed up with fellow attorney Tom Gelbmann to launch the Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey, an annual report which examined the direction, scope and size of the electronic discovery industry. In 2005, George and Tom founded EDRM to address the lack of... Read More

BREAKING NEWS! 451 Research Lauds Exterro for its E-Discovery Technology and Market Growth Strategy

Created on June 18, 2012

451 Research, a division of leading analyst firm The 451 Group, has released a new report lauding Exterro for its dual-prong market growth strategy focused on “developing its own software while partnering with competitors to integrate its Fusion platform with other top products." The 451 Market Impact Study (MIS) Report, authored by e-discovery analyst David Horrigan, analyzes the greatly expanded, end-to-end capabilities of the Exterro® platform, as well as the company's aggressive market expansion through technology and service provider partnerships.The report highlights some of the nearly 300 enhancements that have been made... Read More

Rethinking Law Department Budgeting and More E-Discovery News of the Week

Created on June 18, 2012

Corporate Counsel: Shannon Green reports on one GC who has reaped the benefits of a flat-fee pricing model for outside law firms here.Baseline: A recent report by IBM reveals that increased use of social media applications and mobility are among the key areas of focus for midmarket CEOs. Read a recap of the report here.Electronic Discovery Law: K&L Gates bloggers report on the completion of phase two of the Seventh Circuit's E-Discovery Pilot Program here.Law Technology News: Legal Intelligencer reporter Gina Passarella analyzes the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision to adopt changes to... Read More

Reduce E-Discovery Costs Before Data Collection, Processing & Review

Created on June 13, 2012

Director of Marketing Programs at Exterro

Reduce, minimize, trim, cut – use any adjective you want. Corporate legal teams are still searching for the right equation to contain e-discovery costs. Predictive coding and computer assisted review have garnered a lot attention as the newest, best technology for reducing e-discovery costs. What's getting lost in the mix, and somewhat overshadowed by the Da Silva Moore hoopla, are the front-end technologies and steps legal teams can leverage at the outset of a case to reduce costs, before data collection, processing and review.Imagine e-discovery evidence in terms of a funnel in... Read More