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North Dakota Proposed Privacy Law

Created on July 13, 2020

Demand Generation Manager, Exterro

Why This Privacy Law is Important: The bill originally introduced was intended to empower North Dakota residents to know more about the personal data collected by a company, how it is shared, and allow them to request that the data be deleted. However, the bill was amended to study the issue first.

Overview/Status of Bill: This bill passed the North Dakota House of Representatives in February 2019 (ND HB 1485).

  • Who it Applies To: If passed, it would grant North Dakota citizens the right to request personal identifiable information (PII) to be deleted.

What is Covered: During the 2019-20 interim, legislative management will study protections, enforcement, and remedies regarding the disclosure of consumers' personal data. The study will include a review of privacy laws of other states and applicable federal law. The legislative management will report its findings and recommendations, together with any legislation required to implement the recommendations, to the 67th legislative assembly.