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New FTK Podcast: Introducing the Exterro Global Training Academy

Created on June 3, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

In the latest installment of the FTK Over the Air podcast, Justin and Lynne check in with Sarah Hargreaves, VP of Exterro Global Training, who is based in the UK. Sarah heads up the Exterro Academy, a training facility that offers public and private sector professionals training, independent of their status as an Exterro client or involvement in the purchase or use of Exterro products.

On the podcast, Sarah is joined by Dan Sumpter, a Senior Trainer at Exterro, and resident expert on how to testify in court as a digital forensics examiner. 

They talk with Sarah about why taking FTK training is absolutely critical for forensic professionals, and the tangible effects that training can have on your investigation. Sarah also talks about how forensic labs can use FTK technology to update and maintain their ISO Accreditation status. Listen to the episode to find out something unexpected that happened to Dan after teaching a class.

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