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Louisiana’s Database Security Breach Notification Law

Created on July 13, 2020

Demand Generation Manager, Exterro

Why This Privacy Law is Important: These amendments to Louisiana’s Database Security Breach Notification Law went into effect in 2018 with three major updates:

  • The expansion of the definition of personal information
  • Required notice to affected residents
  • New data security and destruction requirements

Overview/Status of Bill: Amended bill went into effect on August 1, 2018.

Need to Know Information:

  • Who it Applies To: This law is applicable to all organizations that “maintain computerized information” that conduct business in the state of Louisiana. Organizations are required to provide notification in the event of a breach if the number of affected individuals exceeded 100,000 individuals.
  • What is Covered: The definition of personal information includes social security numbers, driver’s licenses, state identification, financial account numbers, credit/debit card numbers, passport numbers, and biometric data.

How to Comply: Companies that have experienced a breach or that face a reasonable likelihood of a breach must give a notification within 60 days of discovery. Organizations must maintain reasonable security procedures and practices to protect consumer’s personal information.