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Gain Skills to Advance Your Career at the Exterro Academy

Created on March 23, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

Exterro has long believed that well-informed and well-trained clients are the best clients. They choose technology products that align with their organization’s processes and goals. They implement those technology solutions in ways that meet their current needs while providing a solid foundation for the future. And importantly, they maximize the value of their investment, achieving strong returns–whether in the form of cost savings, greater efficiency, or qualitatively better results.

One big prong of Exterro’s educational efforts has been our commitment to building the best educational content in first the e-discovery industry, and now the greater world of legal governance, risk, and compliance. But today we’re especially excited to announce another major educational initiative not just for Exterro clients, but for professionals in the worlds of digital forensics, e-discovery, and privacy compliance at large: the Exterro Academy.

The Exterro Academy is a training facility that offers public and private sector professionals training, independent of their status as an Exterro client or involvement in the purchase or use of Exterro products. Exterro Vice President of Training, Sarah Hargreaves, explained, “Exterro Academy is founded on three core principles: aspire, achieve, and advance. We want the professionals who train with us to aspire toward accomplishing their goals, whether that is solving criminal investigations with digital forensics or protecting the privacy rights of their customers; achieve competence with a deep understanding of foundational principles and best practices; and ultimately advance their careers through the acquisition of practical professional skills”.

Exterro Academy’s class portfolio is already stocked with a variety of forensic and e-discovery training classes, many of which are well known and respected in the industry, including FTK Bootcamp, FTK 101 and of course, The Exterro ACE Certification. The development of class content is ever increasing, and with that comes the added flexibility of classroom delivery, live-online and also on-demand options for training.

In addition to the classes which complement and support the Exterro product suite, it is important to remember that the fundamental concepts which create the need for investigation and data governance are also crucial to the learning journey of customers and industry professionals. As such, Exterro Academy has partnered with CertNexus, a vendor-neutral, ANSI and ISO accredited emerging technology training provider. Sarah Hargreaves explained, “We worked hard to find the right partner to join us in the Academy, to provide the right training at the right level to support not only our current but our future customers too. We’re excited to bring CertNexus training into the Academy as we believe that their vendor neutral offerings are really well aligned with our vision and goals for the Academy”.

Initial training offerings to attendees are three courses in the fields of cybersecurity and incident response. The courses include:

  • Incident Response for Business Professionals (IRBIZ), a course designed to prepare IT and business leaders who are responsible for complying with incident response to assess and respond to security threats and operate a system and network security analysis platform

  • cyberSAFE, a training course that certifies non-technical employees that may use technology that places the organization’s critical information systems and data at risk have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to use computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet in a way that minimizes digital risks to themselves and their organization

  • Cybersec First Responder, which certifies that experienced IT professionals have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to deal with a changing threat landscape and to assess risk and vulnerabilities, acquire data, perform analysis, continuously communicate, determine scope, recommend remediation actions, and accurately report results

The Exterro Academy will continue to add new training offerings across the multiple disciplines that make up modern legal governance, risk, and compliance management, ranging from e-discovery to privacy compliance, breach and incident response, cybersecurity, and digital forensics. Trainings will be offered in person at Exterro’s facilities in London and Frisco, Texas, through partner organizations across the world, and online.

To learn more about Exterro Academy’s training programs, visit its website.