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FTK Over the Air: How Data Breaches Affect Everyone in Your Organization

Created on June 10, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

You don't have to follow Exterro content--or even the news--all that closely to know that ransomware attacks and data breaches are happening more and more often these days. We often look at the repercussions of a data breach from the cybersecurity perspective--how do we respond, analyze what happened, and remediate the damage done--or the privacy/compliance perspective--what data was compromised, who needs to be notified by when, and what are the potential regulatory risks involved. But the fact of the matter is data breaches affect everyone in an organization.

This week we get a look at a network breach from the perspective of a “non-IT” person. Cristie Nickel is an Event Marketing Manager here at Exterro. She is new addition to our team here, but she came from a healthcare provider who experienced a serious breach during the Covid Pandemic. She walks through how the hospital coped with the dangerous consequences of the breach, and how it was “all hands on deck” for months on end before things return to normal. This is a great episode to get a ddifferent perspective on data breaches and cybersecurity events.

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