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Friday Funnies: Exterro's E-Discovery Meme Series - Bad Eli

Created on August 30, 2019

Director of Marketing at Exterro

Remember when Eli Manning was a good quarterback? Right around the time Exterro was taking off as a company, the former two-time Super Bowl champion was one of only a few players to regularly give the Patriots problems in big games. But lately, he's been more known for bad throws and awful decisions than big plays, leading the New York Giants to select a new quarterback in last spring's NFL Draft. 

Thankfully, Exterro has aged far better than Eli has—and we're helping companies stay ahead of the data privacy game by showcasing how e-discovery technology solutions can help your business stay compliant with privacy regulations. So while everyone may be in love with data privacy—the new guy on the block—it's important to know that the old dog still plays a crucial role in these new practices. 

Don't worry, Eli: We still love you. 

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