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Friday Funnies: Exterro's E-Discovery Meme Series (Spark Joy Edition)

Created on March 15, 2019

Marketing Communications & Events Manager at Exterro

I think we all know the answer to Marie Kondo's question here... No. Managing legal holds with a spreadsheet does not spark joy. But if that's still your reality, there are plenty of steps you can and should take to improve your processes, and you kind find a few in our Beginner's Guide to Legal Holds.

But of course if you're just interested in a chuckle, you can always visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons or download our anthology of The Top 10 E-Discovery Memes of 2018 if you haven't gotten enough, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues. Remember, E-Discovery is always better when you have a sense of humor. Cheers!!