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Exterro's New E-Discovery Solution Fusion Zeta Generating Buzz

Created on May 24, 2011

Exterro yesterday officially launched Fusion Zeta, the new data management layer of its integrated solution suite.  Here are some excerpts from what news organizations are saying about the release:

Exterro Adds Zeta Data Management Tool to Exterro Platform (Law Technology News):

From the ground up, the Exterro platform includes a workflow engine, collaboration framework, and a vault for electronically stored information, as well as software modules for data mapping, legal hold, and workflow management. Zeta adds the ability to analyze data that may be relevant to litigation or investigation, more commonly known as early case assessment.Brian Hill, an industry analyst with Forrester Research in Boston, said Exterro's perspective and the Zeta technology are indeed what customers are seeking. "What I think Exterro has done a good job of recognizing is it's not just about a single point or a single solution. ... One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is the lack of connections across that e-discovery process," he said.   (click on the link above to read the full article)

Exterro's Fusion Zeta Brings Data Management into the EDRM Process (CMS Wire)

Need an e-Discovery solution that reflects perspectives of both the IT and legal departments? The search may be over. Today, Exterro released a new data management layer for its integrated solution suite. Fusion Zeta is an automated, easy-to-administer application designed to handle in-place early case assessment, preservation, collection and analysis. But perhaps most importantly, it gives legal teams 360-degree access into the entire e-discovery process, while eliminating the chaos of manual processes. (click on the link to read the full article)

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