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Exterro Meme Series: Sunny Side Data Retention Policy

Created on December 17, 2021

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

If you sometimes feel like you're on a dark and difficult journey struggling to comply with privacy laws like GDPR and CPRA (among others!), you're not alone. But what you really consider doing is looking at the journey from another perspective--that of gaining all the benefits of a well thought-out data retention policy, like cost savings, risk minimization, and improved operational efficiency.

If you're just starting out on your data retention journey, don't leave the station without the recent Exterro whitepaper, Filling in Your Blind Spots: Implementing a Successful Data Retention Program

Of course, if you'd rather just have a laugh, you can always download our most recent collection of e-discovery, privacy, and digital forensics memes, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues to celebrate another successful week!

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