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Exterro Meme Series: It's a Miracle Edition

Created on June 17, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

While it's always nice to have a miracle, it's probably not the best way to manage legal holds--or e-discovery in general. It's better to be prepared, have technology in place, and implement best practices. Those are all things you can do with help from Exterro.

If you're new to e-discovery and don't know where or how to start, a great place is with Exterro's 2nd Edition of the Basics of E-Discovery. Check it out for a great primer on all the key topics!

And if you'd rather just have a laugh, you can always download our most recent collection of e-discovery, privacy, and digital forensics memes, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues to celebrate another successful week!

Remember, E-Discovery is always better when you have a sense of humor. Cheers!