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Exterro Hosts British Law Enforcement Teams at US Embassy in London

Created on June 24, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

Two short weeks ago, Exterro hosted an event for British law enforcement representatives at the US Embassy in London with its partner, Microsoft. The event featured speakers from Exterro's digital forensics team, Microsoft's technology team, and the West Midlands Police. The topic at hand: the West Midlands Police's deployment of its cloud-based digital forensics platform based on the FTK® Central platform housed on Microsoft Azure. This pioneering project has paved the way for a national digital forensics service in Great Britain, enabling cases to be worked on remotely, officers to collaborate and cases to be resolved at speed.

On hand to learn about cloud-based digital forensics at the event, titled The Future of Digital Forensics: Next Steps, on Tuesday, June 7th, were representatives of 18 police forces across the United Kingdom, seven other public sector organizations, Exterro, and its partners, Microsoft and Blue Lights Digital. 

West Midlands Policeis one of the largest forces in the UK, with more than 50 police stations and almost 7,000  officers responsible for almost three million civilians. This has enabled digital forensic investigators and its officers on the ground to work on evidential data simultaneously without the need to be physically in the Digital Forensics Units (DFU). The secure upload of sensitive forensic data into the cloud marks a huge breakthrough and has proven the viability of the solution, effectively paving the way for the creation of a cohesive national forensics ecosystem, as envisaged by the Digital Forensic Science Strategy articulated in 2020.

“Exterro’s FTK has massively reduced processing times and improved forensic readiness with processes that previously took days to complete now almost instantaneous. We anticipate that we will see continued improvements over the coming months, including vastly reduced data backlogs, minimised detention times for suspects and expedite cases, resulting in faster speed to justice which will see the innocent released, the guilty convicted, and a sense of closure for victims and their families. This is going to be game changing for our force and all those that follow”, explained John Price, Detective Sergeant, West Midlands Police.

If you want to learn more, you still have a chance as Exterro's UK Police Roadshow is continuing for two more days. Learn more here!