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Exterro Engaging Worldwide

Created on December 3, 2021

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

Last month, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, Exterro leadership gathered together with the Exterro International team for Exterro Engage, a three-day conference in London. With the addition of the AccessData team complete, Exterro boasts a much larger international workforce and client base--and Engage was an opportunity for them to gather together, prepare for 2022, and get energized around the great news and vision for the Exterro Legal GRC platform

Exterro CEO and founder Bobby Balachandran, recently named LegalTech Breakout's CEO of the Year, kicked off day one, which saw the international team soaking up all sorts of information on the product today, the road map for the future, and Exterro's strategic vision. Talks spanned all three key markets Exterro's Legal GRC platform serves: e-discovery, privacy, and digital forensics. 

Simon Whitburn, General Manager and Vice President of Exterro International, explains how Exterro Engage crystallized an outstanding year of international growth for Exterro. "When I started back in March we had effectively two teams, the AccessData team and the Exterro team. Over the the last six months, we have worked hard to not only integrate the teams in to one effective group whilst increasing our sales executive by 100% to 12, but also creating a new BDR team from three to six including a manager, creating a Customer Success Team of three heads and a dedicated channel director. The technical team has also nearly doubled in size and the marketing team has grown from one to six. We also now have resource in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Dubai, France and the Netherlands."

With new and updated products serving the three markets, and Exterro's committed and talented engineering team supporting them, the international team was eager to learn and meet the challenge ahead of them. Whitburn noted, "All the planning and lessons learnt from 2021 have given us the insight required to build a credible strategy to grow revenue extensively in 2022. I'm excited to see the newer members of the team grow their pipeline and opportunities in new territories that we haven't really touched. The solutions have already come a long way and I'm looking forward to seeing the ambitious product development program come to fruition."

Of course, like any team gathering, there was time for fun and games (literally), with boating and bowling on the agenda over the following days, as well as intensive workshops that got the participants rolling up their sleeves and coming up with solutions to scenarios and presenting them to their colleagues. Whitburn recalls, "Networking with the executive team and the international team as a whole was invaluable. The opportunity to meet colleague, peers, and management has already started to deliver benefits. And the opportunity for the team to show how they can work together through the practical scenario based sessions--and to present the International team's strategy to the executive team--set Exterro up for success in 2022!"

The best news, of course, is that Exterro is still growing! There are open positions on the team in both the US and international markets. If you'd like to join the legal technology industry's leading organization, check out our job openings and apply!