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Exterro Announces Slack E-Discovery Partnership

Created on July 15, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

An Exterro integration with popular communication app Slack, which will allow users to identify, analyze, collect and review data stored within the program, has been approved as a Slack App for users of both platforms. Exterro has partnered with Slack to help customers of both platforms expand their collection abilities to ensure that all enterprise communication data is uncovered.

Because Slack is an often-used tool for remote teams—and new data sources are emerging as a result of telecommuting—the new Exterro integration will significantly reduce the risk of data spoliation for enterprises that utilize the communication platform. Collecting data from communication apps can be a source of frustration for Legal departments, but the Exterro integration decreases the time and cost of in-house teams seeking to quickly and defensibly get to the facts of a matter.

“Communication platforms like Slack are indispensable business tools, and accessing all of the data within is paramount to hygienic information governance, internal investigations, e-discovery and data management,” says Tara Jones, Legal Services Manager at Verizon Media (and Exterro user). “The Exterro-Slack integration lets you tackle that right away, ensuring that no data goes uncovered, and there aren’t any surprises to be found later on.”

Exterro’s Slack Integration enables users to perform targeted collections from a specific Slack channel, or any and all channels to which a specific user is associated. It also fosters a number of other data collection options to help the user achieve a wide range of search parameters:

  • All attachments and links that are available in chats, which are automatically grouped to identify parent-child relationships to help ease the review process
  • Both public and privacy channels, including private conversations between two specific users
  • Multi-party direct messages, which can be included or excluded based on litigation requirements
  • Third-party Slack user accounts
  • Historic data that includes edited and deleted messages
  • Cross-channel collaborations where users belong to separate organizations and workspaces but also work together in a single channel
  • Searchable reactions like emojis

Slack saw its revenues surge toward the end of Q1 as the COVID-19 pandemic began unfolding in March, and the communication app became more widely-used. Slack's stock share price has jumped 30% since then, as investors ponder America's work-from-home future.

“Q1 was a phenomenal quarter for Slack, with the addition of 12,000 net new Paid Customers and 50% revenue growth year-over-year,” CEO Stewart Butterfield said in a statement in early June. “We believe the long-term impact the three months and counting of working from home will have on the way we work is of generational magnitude. This will continue to catalyze adoption for the new category of channel-based messaging platforms we created and for which we are still the only enterprise-grade offering.”

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