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E-Discovery Summer Playlist: Kristin Kolasinski's Top Jams!

Created on August 5, 2019

Marketing Communications & Events Manager at Exterro

We are entering the fourth week of our Summer E-Discovery Mix Tape blog post series. This latest mix and is by our Events and Communications Manager, Kristin Kolasinski..

Kristin's Spotify playlist is embedded at the bottom of this post.

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Hi all! It's Kristin from the Exterro marketing team. For my summer playlist, I picked songs that keep me motivated and happy while working at my desk, driving in my car or headed off in some other summer adventure with my family. Full disclosure that my kids helped inspire many choices on my list, but I hope this is a mix to be enjoyed by all ages. I hope you all enjoy my summer jams mixed tape!

Check back next week to see who and what summer playlist will be featured.