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E-Discovery Summer Playlist: Cody Bustamante's Top Jams!

Created on August 12, 2019

In the fifth week of our Summer E-Discovery Mix Tape blog post series it's time to hear from our Salesforce/Marketing Operations Specialist, Cody Bustamante!

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"Hello, world" (Tiger Woods quote after his first professional win). My name is Cody and this is my debut DJ mix released to the world, probably for the better. But I've tried to curate a mix of mellow music that I thought would be broad enough it would include at least one song for everyone's taste.

This is a mix of music I like to listen to most anytime, work, driving, yard projects, etc... A lot of it has hints of humor to it, which helps me smile throughout the day. The first track is a special shout-out to the attorneys.

Check back next week to see who and what summer playlist will be featured.