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E-Discovery Day by the Numbers

Created on November 30, 2017

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro


If you’re like us, you’ve been fixated on the holiday season lately: E-Discovery Day season that is. We all experience powerful emotions this time of year, but there’s more to this holiday than the feelings. There’s data.

So let’s take a look at some of the numbers for the 3rd annual E-Discovery Day:

Over the next 31 hours, 12 sponsoring organizations will host 13 separate live events, with over 370 attendees, in 7 States plus the District of Columbia.

More than 2000 virtual participants will listen to 14 hours of news, analysis, practical tips, and advice presented by 39 e-discovery experts in 15 webcasts.

Finally, one lucky winner, Erica Godish, Legal Specialist – Litigation, of Nestlé USA , Inc., will receive a brand new Apple iPhone X in Exterro’s E-Discovery Survey contest. If you see this, Erica, please email michael.hamilton@exterro.com.