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E-Discovery Day 2021 Is Just a Month Away!

Created on November 5, 2021

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

Exterro and our E-Discovery Day 2021 partners—ACEDS, ARMA, and EDRM—are getting excited as we get closer to our celebration of all things e-discovery this year. We’re just a month away from the date, December 3rd.

We’ve got a lot a lot of great news today that we want to share with you all. To start off, we want to congratulate our three ACEDS Certification Scholarship winners:

  • Anthony Edoga, IT Staff at State of Maryland 
  • Diane Diaz, Sr. Litigation Paralegal, McDonald's
  • Gartrude Cohran, Litigation Support Specialist, VW 

Congratulations on winning a scholarship for CEDS certification for yourself or a colleague!


Over 700 e-discovery professionals participated in our quiz, so finally we’re going to have data-driven answers to important and fun e-discovery questions like who is the toughest group of professionals to work with on e-discovery projects, what’s your favorite part of Federal Rule of Evidence 502, and what do e-discovery professionals do to relax?

We’re so grateful to all of our respondents, but unfortunately we couldn’t give you all scholarships. But the good news is you can all take part in our E-Discovery Day trivia contests. We’ve got two fun trivia events with prizes generously sponsored by FTI Consulting and Consilio… which leads us to our other big announcement today, the E-Discovery Day 2021 agenda.

We're all looking forward to seeing as many of you at as many of these fun events as possible!

E-Discovery Day Agenda

December 3, 2021

A Post COVID E-Discovery World? Experts Predict Key E-Discovery Trends for 2022

Start Date/Time: 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT

Cost: FREE

Duration: 60 min

Hopefully for all of us 2022 will be a fresh start in multiple ways for e-discovery professionals. To get 2022 off on the right foot, learn from an all-star panel of e-discovery experts on what key issues they are keeping their eyes on and how that may affect your e-discovery process.

Judges Roundtable: 10 E-Discovery Tips for 2022

Start Date/Time: 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT

Cost: FREE

Duration: 60 min

Curious on what tips judges would give you on your e-discovery process? In this webcast, learn from a panel of prominent judges on what 10 tips they would give e-discovery professionals based on case law from this year.

Register for this webcast and get answers to questions like….

  • How should I balance defensibility vs. efficiency?
  • What is really considered “reasonable steps” in preservation?
  • What constitutes unduly burdensome and when should I object to e-discovery parameters?

Virtual Trivia Hunt: Who's the smartest e-discovery group of friends?

Start Date/Time: 3pm ET / 12pm ET

Cost: FREE

Create a team of your e-discovery peers and see how smart your team is outside the world of e-discovery. Answer 20 questions correctly in the shortest amount of time compared to other teams competing, and you'll split the prizes generously donated by FTI Consulting with your team.

There are no rules about how you find answers in Trivia Hunt! You can use the internet, Shazam, your uncle, etc. Get a group together, and be ready to go on December 3!

Here’s an example of a question that could be asked in this Trivia Hunt:

What moon of Uranus shares its name with a film that was released nationally in the US on the same day as Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Can you get the answer? Go ahead and use all the research materials and friends you can find. Want to practice? Check out the recap and questions from our latest hunt.

Your 2022 E-Discovery Toolkit: What needs to be in it

Start Date/Time: 5pm ET / 2pm PT

Cost: FREE

Duration: 30 min

E-Discovery and technology go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Without e-discovery technology, managing e-discovery is a nearly impossible feat. In this webcast, learn from a panel of technology experts on how they are seeing legal teams leverage e-discovery technology to maintain defensibility but also focus on efficiency.

Register for this session and get:

  • A lightning round of analysis on all the new e-discovery technology on the market
  • Expert analysis on what technology really moves the needle
  • Examples of how other legal departments are using e-discovery technology

Virtual E-Discovery Family Feud: Join a Team, Win Prizes!

Start Date/Time: 6pm ET / 3pm PT

Cost: FREE

Duration: 60 minutes with optional additional 30 min of prize giveaways

Virtual E-Discovery Family Feud is a survey-based game that is great for everyone – not just e-discovery brainiacs! Teams try to guess the most popular responses given to fun e-discovery survey questions. It’s not a test of your knowledge, it’s a chance to correctly guess what your peers are thinking. The smartest team doesn’t always win!

Meet new e-discovery friends by participating in this fun event! More details below:

  • Participants will randomly be put into teams so that you can expand your e-discovery network
  • The winning team will get an amazing, secret prize sponsored by Consilio!
  • The session will last 60 minutes with 30 minutes after for additional networking and prize giveaways