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Don't Get Fooled: E-Discovery Production Matters!

Created on April 5, 2019

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

We spend a lot of time thinking about best practices for all the stages of the e-discovery process here at Exterro. We've created hundreds of educational resources, from webcasts to white papers, blog posts to checklists, that educate and inform e-discovery professionals on legal hold, early case assessment, document review. 

Every year, we survey federal judges and in-house legal professionals. We examine trends in legal spend management and working with law firms. And we hope that you've found our resources helpful. In fact, I strongly suggest you go check out our Resource Library to check out everything that's available if you haven't done so recently.

But recently, we realized that we had a glaring oversight: E-Discovery Production. An often-neglected stage of the e-discovery process, perhaps because it comes at the end, perhaps because it doesn't involve heavy-duty analytics or computing power, document production is still critical. Therefore, we decided to give it the same treatment we've given the other phases of the e-discovery cycle--a comprehensive guide. Download it today--because after all, e-discovery (like baseball) ain't over til it's over.