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The Basics of E-Discovery: Predictive Coding and AI

Created on September 14, 2018

Solutions Consultant at Exterro

What Is Predictive Coding?Predictive coding is a technology that assists document reviewers during the review phase of the EDRM. Typically it uses machine learning to label documents after the reviewers have completed some review, creating a “seed set” of coded (or labelled) documents. It improves the efficiency of human reviewers by understanding how they’ve labelled documents and then using those criteria to apply labels to documents that have not been reviewed yet.How Does Predictive Coding Differ from Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence is an overarching term where the technology is doing... Read More

The Basics of E-Discovery: Collection

Created on August 31, 2018

Solutions Consultant at Exterro

What Is Data Collection? How Does It Differ from Preservation? In e-discovery, data collection is the process of extracting information from its original repository and copying it into a second repository for the subsequent phases of the e-discovery process. It differs from preservation in that preservation is really just about making sure that the data doesn't leave the original repository, doesn't get deleted. But collection actually copies the electronically stored information (ESI) into a second repository which will be used for processing, review, and analysis of the data. The Electronic Discovery Reference... Read More

What the Heck is Legal Operations Anyway: Recapping the Corporate Legal Operations Institute

Created on May 12, 2016

Solutions Consultant at Exterro

When you run a search for “CLOC," and especially if you toggle over to images, you likely aren't seeing anything related to legal operations. In fact, it looks a bit more like the picture to the right. But that's all about to change. Recently, CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) achieved a significant milestone in its maturation, and I was there to see it unfold as they hosted the first Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute in San Francisco the first week of May. It was successfully organized and delivered by the CLOC... Read More

Legal versus IT – How Technology Bridges the Divide

Created on March 31, 2016

Solutions Consultant at Exterro

In my almost four years of working at Exterro and almost ten years in e-discovery overall, I have had many interesting, unexpected conversations with individuals in Legal and IT departments. Although I come from the legal side, I really do understand the landscape that IT is charged to take care of, which can be vast and complex especially for large organizations. Legal is charged with something relatively less complex; find the information that is being requested – nothing less and nothing more – that is responsive to the request and is... Read More

Straight Talk: FRCP Rule Changes in Layman’s Terms

Created on March 23, 2016

Solutions Consultant at Exterro

Here at Exterro, we recently closed a multi-year software licensing opportunity with a large city government. We began talking with them about their acquisition of e-discovery software in April of 2015, and from the very onset they kept saying, “Our goal is to have software implemented by December 1, 2015 when the amendments to the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) take effect." But there's nothing in the amendments that state, “C ity governments must have e-discovery software solution up and running by December 1, 2015." So what was really driving... Read More

Help is on the Way: Technology Assisted Review (TAR) in E-Discovery

Created on January 26, 2016

Solutions Consultant at Exterro

It was not terribly long ago that electronically stored information collection and subsequent review looked a lot like this: gather up printed emails, scan them into the system with optical character recognition (OCR) set to “on," and through a rudimentary set of search tools, try to find responsive content. Or, perhaps those “paper emails" showed up in a big binder and the task was to flip through one-by-one, classifying the item, its keywords, and potential relevance in an accompanying spreadsheet which would then be turned over to a supervising attorney. Believe... Read More

The E-Discovery Revolution – The What, part 1

Created on November 2, 2015

Solutions Consultant at Exterro

If you've been following my posts, you already know that I've chosen to focus this blog series on the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of the E-Discovery revolution. Over the past several months, the first three entries on “The Who" (part 1,part 2, part 3) have been completed. Now it's time to move onto “The What." In my roles as an implementation project manager on Exterro's client success team, and now as a member of the solutions consulting team, I've been involved in a lot of conversations regarding what we... Read More