Why Data Governance Matters

Created on November 30, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Regulatory Requirements for Data Governance Data governance is of paramount importance for companies striving to comply with privacy regulations, particularly those governing Records of Processing Activities (RoPAs) and data subject access requests (DSARs). Many modern data protection regulations--including those enforced by the ICO in the United Kingdom, European regulators under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and several US state laws--demand that organizations maintain records and documentation of their data processing activities of personal data and that they be able to comply with a DSAR by producing all data held on a... Read More

Data Inventory: Building Your Compliance Program on a Sound Foundation

Created on November 29, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Organizations today, especially enterprise-scale ones, possess more data, of more types, about more subjects, coming from more sources, than ever before. They may collect data about their customers, who they are, where they live, demographic information, financial information, their purchase history and patterns, and more. They may produce data as part of their workflows–or it may even be their product. The data will likely be spread over disparate systems and in disparate locations. Some may reside on individual laptops and smartphones, while some lives on large servers. It’s likely that they... Read More

Exterro's December Events Schedule

Created on November 27, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

With Thanksgiving just past and the holiday season in view, it's understandable that Exterro's events calendar is a little bit leaner. We're sure you're going to be plenty busy connecting with friends and family in the near future, but if you're hoping to squeeze some professional activities in--especially if you're an e-discovery professional--then December has it's share of interesting goings-on. If you've known of Exterro for a while, chances are good you've heard of E-Discovery Day, but if you haven't... well here's your chance to get involved, since it's right around the... Read More

Exterro Wins LegalTech Breakthrough Award for Overall E-Discovery Solution of the Year in 2023

Created on November 16, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

Today, we're excited to announce that our Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite has been named “Overall eDiscovery Solution Of The Year” in the 4th annual LegalTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by LegalTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates and recognizes standout legal technology companies, products and services around the globe. Exterro's Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite is a natively built, comprehensive solution that spans every phase of the EDRM, from Information Governance and ESI Identification through Preservation, Collection, Processing, Review and Production. The solution delivers AI capabilities infused throughout the entire e-discovery process, including legal... Read More

What Are Your Plans for E-Discovery Day?

Created on November 15, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

With Thanksgiving week almost here, the e-discovery team at Exterro and our partners at ACEDS, EDRM, and eDiscovery Today all start thinking more seriously about E-Discovery Day. This December 7th, the ninth annual celebration of this day to recognize these unsung heroes of the litigation process, is almost here, and everyone who’s participating needs to start making concrete plans. What webinars will I attend? Is there a happy hour or lunch and learn in my city? The best way to think about your E-Discovery Day goals is to attend or watch... Read More

Is It Time to Invest in E-Discovery Technology?

Created on November 14, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

In the not-so-distant past, fear was a big motivator for organizations to invest in e-discovery software. Tom Mullane, E-Discovery Process Manager at United Technologies Corp., remembers, “Risk was a huge driver. It was easy to point at several large and well-publicized sanctions cases that highlighted the importance of creating your own internal program.” But since the FRCP amendments of 2015, judges have adopted more proactive case management strategies, steering cases toward resolutions, using meet-and-confers to resolve potential e-discovery disputes where possible, and pushing (if not successfully) for greater cooperation between opposing... Read More

Congratulations to the E-Discovery Day ACEDS Scholarship Winners

Created on November 9, 2023

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

One of the coolest things about E-Discovery Day is how it takes a moment to shine the spotlight on some of the unsung heroes of the litigation process and justice system--e-discovery professionals. Interestingly enough (and as something that past E-Discovery Day surveys have revealed, the vast majority of e-discovery professionals don't start their careers in the field--they find their way by being assigned to e-discovery tasks or taking them on, finding they have an aptitude for it, and then building a career. That career path is one reason why E-Discovery Day, and... Read More