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3 Reasons Why Companies Need to Address Data Retention/Deletion Now

Created on March 24, 2021

Product Marketing Manager, Exterro

Today’s legal and regulatory environment demands a defensible data retention program. First, it is the law. Data privacy regulations such as GDPR, LGPD, CPRA, and BIPA all require businesses to address data retention/minimization as part of compliance. Companies must minimize personal data when they no longer have a legitimate business need or regulatory obligation to keep it. Non-compliance with these laws can lead to potential fines, sanctions, and even litigation. Data retention is no longer optional. Second, data retention is critical to reasonable security. Over the last 24 months, data breaches have... Read More

Data Retention: The One Big Thing

Created on March 18, 2021

Product Marketing Manager, Exterro

What is Data Retention? Modern organizations have embraced the notion that data has value. Business leaders focus organizational time and attention on capturing this value. In addition, technological change enables the IT community to radically change the costs of keeping and processing information. This creates new opportunities to collect more detailed data and to predict the behavior of systems, machines, and people. But along with value and costs come risks. The risks associated with data depend entirely on what data you have and how much of it you have. Risk reduction consists... Read More