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Breaking Down Coronavirus Litigation Data

Created on July 28, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging for nearly five months now, and as infections continue to climb, so too does the legal liability of many businesses. To name just a few impacts, these increased risks have forced General Counsel to play a larger role in business decisions to help manage the Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) strategies; created new data types—and therefore new threats for e-discovery—for which organizations may not have had prior data retention strategies; and wreaked general havoc on organizations and their legal departments. And then there's the direct... Read More

COVID-19 Forcing General Counsel to Play a Larger Role in Business Decisions

Created on July 16, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

The novel coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for legal departments everywhere—and now, seemingly no decision that a business makes can go without the advice of their General Counsel. “We’re being thrust into every decision,” says Tim Hirsch, General Counsel for clothing-service company CaaStle, as the business continues to navigate the murky legal waters surrounding opening up distribution centers and finding safe, secure ways to handle employee health information. In this respect, Hirsch says, nearly every decision the company makes is now a legal decision. In an interview with Corporate Counsel, Hirsch... Read More

Exterro Announces Slack E-Discovery Partnership

Created on July 15, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

An Exterro integration with popular communication app Slack, which will allow users to identify, analyze, collect and review data stored within the program, has been approved as a Slack App for users of both platforms. Exterro has partnered with Slack to help customers of both platforms expand their collection abilities to ensure that all enterprise communication data is uncovered. Because Slack is an often-used tool for remote teams—and new data sources are emerging as a result of telecommuting—the new Exterro integration will significantly reduce the risk of data spoliation for enterprises that... Read More

Exterro Ranks #2 Among Most-Trusted E-Discovery Software Providers

Created on June 12, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

A recent survey from analyst firm IDC highlighting e-discovery software and services vendors found Exterro ranked second among 17 software providers. The top-ranked provider for trustworthiness was Relatively, which the report noted has a long history in e-discovery, "so it is no surprise that it tops the software list." "Many believe the eDiscovery market to be mature but the plurality of vendors in this market illustrates just how much there is left to do," reads the report. Additionally, the survey asked about trustworthiness among e-discovery services vendors, asking participants who they trusted the... Read More

Overcoming the Legal Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Challenges Facing Businesses Today

Created on May 21, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

Many business challenges—such as complying with privacy laws or implementing robust data minimization and retention policies and procedures—now span organizational units. In terms of legal and compliance, those challenges break down primarily into three major threats: New data privacy laws that grant consumers new rights over their personal dataData breaches and the resulting fines and reputational risk involvedEnsuring preservation of relevant data for criminal or civil litigation The converging priorities among Legal, Privacy, Compliance, Security, and IT teams within global enterprises has created a new reality for Chief Legal Officers and General Counsel... Read More

Building a Data Inventory at Your Organization

Created on May 19, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

What is a Data Inventory (or a Data Map)? A data inventory (sometimes referred to as a data map or data mapping), is a comprehensive catalog of data assets held by an organization. A well-maintained data inventory includes up-to-date and detailed information (metadata) as well as the source of the data within the organization. Built correctly, a data map can provide important insights into the types of data an organization collects, where it is, who has access to it, and how that data is being used.The use of data mapping allows... Read More

Gmail E-Discovery Capabilities Get a Boost with Exterro's New Integration

Created on May 15, 2020

Content Manager at Exterro

A couple years ago, Google did some retooling to Gmail. Some of those changes—like self-destructing emails and information right management (IRM)—created some new challenges for attorneys and others in involved in e-discovery operations. Essentially, Google’s updates made ESI collection and preservation more difficult—which could create concerns when it comes to legal holds. Recently, Exterro released a new integration with Google G-Suite, which enables the proactive preservation, collection, review, and analysis of data available within Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Vault. This integration significantly reduces the risk of data spoliation, and... Read More