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Friday Funnies: Exterro's Meme Series - Inadequate Defenses Edition

Created on August 6, 2021

Content Manager at Exterro

Your Chief Information Security Officer knows it: Most company defenses are woefully inadequate in today's breach-heavy environment! Understanding how a breach occurred and managing the fallout helps organizations get back to business as usual. Visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons or download Exterro's Legal Meme Anthology 2020 and share the fun with friends and colleagues! Remember, legal work is always better with a sense of humor! Read More

2021 State of E-Discovery Report: More Legal Teams Investing in Technology to Stave Off Coming Litigation Storm

Created on August 5, 2021

Content Manager at Exterro

Each year, Exterro compiles data points from major legal research and e-discovery studies—some of which we’ve conducted with other partners—to create a comprehensive look at the current state of e-discovery. Because some of these statistics are forward-looking, it may also offer glimpses into what in-house legal teams are preparing for, and what potential obstacles might be in the way.  This year’s report focuses on three major areas, all encompassing how organizations manage risky data for litigation. Over the last year, data has become more disparate than ever, for a number of... Read More

'Colossal' Ransomware Attack Will Potentially ‘Impact Thousands’ of Businesses

Created on July 8, 2021

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The “colossal” ransomware attack last week on software manager Kaseya, an international company that remotely controls software programs for businesses, could end up affecting many more than the reported 200 U.S. companies after all the dust has settled, according to a security firm researcher. Cybersecurity firm Huntress Labs senior security researcher John Hammond said that while it is unclear how many firms will end up victimized by last Friday's attack, it would be reasonable to expect the current number to rise many fold. “It’s reasonable to think this could potentially be impacting thousands of... Read More

Cyber Resiliency: A Different Way to Look at Business Infrastructure Risks

Created on July 6, 2021

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In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, there are many issues that businesses are facing, especially given the fact that the remote workforce is going to be more or less a permanent fixture now in corporate America. Many CISOs and CIOs alike are concerned about the next security breach that could potentially impact their organization. One of their biggest fears is how quickly they can bounce back from a breach and face the future. This is also referred to as “Cyber Resiliency.” What Is Cyber Resiliency? A good, technical definition is, “Cyber resiliency is... Read More

The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Forensics

Created on June 23, 2021

Content Manager at Exterro

As we steamroll through 2021, interest in artificial intelligence has been gaining steam—and specifically how it applies to legal and compliance technology. Essentially, the concept of AI mimics the thought and reasoning processes of the human brain and applies that to help streamline and/or automate manual processes. AI is starting to find its role in Cybersecurity, especially as it relates to filtering for false positives and taking the manual tasks deemed time-consuming. It is finding a strong foothold as well in the world of Digital Forensics. Let’s take a look at some real-world possibilities... Read More

Data Retention Win: How Formica Saved Big Time Money with Defensible Deletion

Created on June 16, 2021

Content Manager at Exterro

A few years ago, global companies began to take a closer look at their data retention practices, often because they had to; the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) would become the most far-reaching regulation of consumer privacy information to date, and with it came heavy retention requirements. A couple years later, the state of California would pass its own law, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), which enacts similar retention requirements concerning sensitive consumer data. But even before the advent of these privacy rules, data retention had considerable importance concerning litigation... Read More

Unifying Your Legal & Compliance Software Infrastructure

Created on June 10, 2021

Content Manager at Exterro

Over the past several years, survey data has consistently shown that more companies are bringing outsourced legal processes in house in order to help cut costs and improve control and efficiency.Particularly in the e-discovery realm, more Legal departments than ever feature on-staff specialists to help preserve, collect, process, and review data—saving thousands in the process. But recently enacted data privacy provisions have left Legal and Compliance departments scrambling for technology that solves those complex solutions as well.We built a guide that's designed to help highlight key capabilities that are needed when... Read More