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How to Build an Effective Legal Ops Dashboard

Created on May 18, 2023

Vice President, Customer Success and Global Support

A colleague I once had was fond of the phrase, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” While there are of course exceptions to this rule, I think it’s an excellent starting point for explaining the goals, purpose, and design of a legal ops dashboard. A good dashboard is specific to the organization and its particular needs. Consider the problem, the data you have available, and who your stakeholders are. Put simply, not all dashboards are created equal, and you can’t always use the same dashboard for differing purposes, due... Read More

Top 5 Legal Hold Tips for Custodian Compliance

Created on March 29, 2023

Vice President, Customer Success and Global Support

There are two big challenges when issuing a legal hold notification. First, making sure people don’t ignore it. Second, making sure you as the legal team aren’t inundated with questions after every send. The following are our top 5 tips for reducing custodian questions and boosting their compliance. Five Legal Hold Components that Increase Custodian Compliance 1. Legal Hold Training There is no substitute for training and educating your potential custodians on what a legal hold is and what their duties are should they be placed on one. Some training opportunities to consider are... Read More