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Friday Funnies: Exterro's Meme Series - inFusion's Over :(

Created on September 17, 2021

Marketing Manager, Exterro

inFusion21, Exterro's Annual User Conference, is over. We know you're sad, depressed, maybe a little on edge?! We are too!  Cheer yourself up by visiting our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues. Remember, E-Discovery is always better when you have a sense of humor. Cheers! Read More

What Is Ransomware?

Created on August 27, 2021

Marketing Manager, Exterro

In today’s world, cyber attacks are becoming much more covert and sophisticated. Gone are the days when an attacker would be content to stealthily deploy a Trojan Horse virus to see what is going on in your computer. Now they are intent on destroying an end user’s machine; sometimes launching Botnet style attacks in order to infect and destroy thousands of other computers in the process. What Ransomware Really Is The formal definition of ransomware is “…a type of malware that prevents or limits a user’s access to their computer system, either... Read More

The Importance of Vendor Compliance Management

Created on August 18, 2021

Marketing Manager, Exterro

Introduction In today’s world of commerce, there are many links that exist between companies all over the world—like the suppliers and other external, third parties that you rely on, for example. For instance, if you manufacture products and distribute them into the marketplace, you will be dependent upon other entities to provide you with the raw materials, as well others to ensure that what you deliver to your customers is of high caliber. But with all these interconnections, any failure at one node can quickly cascade onto other parts of your manufacturing... Read More

An Introduction To The Zero Trust Framework

Created on August 13, 2021

Marketing Manager, Exterro

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world to extremes never seen before and there are a number of key Cybersecurity lessons that have been learned from it. First, the notion of a 99% Remote Workforce was a concept that many thought would take years to come to fruition. Instead, it has happened in a timespan of just three short months. Also, the gravity of Identity Access Management (IAM) has now come front and center, with many businesses in corporate America now realizing just how vulnerable their confidential information and data really... Read More

Cut Your Imaging Time in Half with FTK® Imager 4.3

Created on August 4, 2021

Marketing Manager, Exterro

When it comes to forensics, speed is king and the latest release of FTK® Imager, version 4.3 is all about speed; cutting imaging time in half. The faster you preserve the data, the quicker analysis can begin. To achieve this speed increase, we optimized the method we use to preserve the forensic image. The imaged computer was in another building with a 10Gbps link between the imaged machine and the server. Below are the details: System 1 where image was taken from physical drive: HP® EliteDesk® 800Windows® 10 ProIntel® Core™ i7-8700 CPU... Read More

4 Top Tips: How to Share Cyber Risk in Your Company

Created on July 15, 2021

Marketing Manager, Exterro

At this moment, many people and businesses thought by now things would be more or less back to normal, but it seems that the concept of the Remote Workforce will now be here to stay for a long time to come. Some good has come of this; corporate America is now understanding the need to embrace cyber risk on a much more serious level, and the gravity of trying to mitigate it as much as possible. What Exactly Is Cyber Risk?This term can have many different meanings to both the CIO and... Read More

The Role & Considerations of Hiring a vCISO

Created on July 13, 2021

Marketing Manager, Exterro

Let’s face it: Every company, no matter how large or small, needs a leader to navigate it across this new and treacherous information security landscape, especially since COVID-19 is still going on. When one thinks of this role, the image of the Chief Information Security Officer, also known as the “CISO” very often comes to mind. But today, hiring one directly into a full-time role is sometimes out of the question.For example, consider some of these statistics: The average salary of a CISO in Corporate America is $185,000. However, this does not include... Read More