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An Inside Look at Recruiting at Exterro

Created on April 11, 2022

E-Discovery Market Analyst at Exterro

As a technical recruiter at an agency in the Portland area, Moi Diaz was used to listening to candidates, understanding their career goals, and then matching them with the right organization where they could thrive. While he enjoyed his work at the agency, the COVID pandemic–and all the changes that it brought to the way we work–brought him to a point where he began to understand the time was right for him to make a move for himself and his career. He realized that to grow in the direction he wanted, he would need to find a position on an in-house human resources team.

Moi came to recruiting after recognizing that his first passion–playing professional soccer–wasn’t in the cards. After an outstanding developmental and college career, an unfortunate injury playing in a professional environment in Costa Rica forced him to change course. But as one of the first members of his family to attend college, Moi recognized that there were skills and values he had picked up along the way that would translate well into a career in recruiting: the value of being on a team, putting in hard work, and understanding how to translate effort into results. Working at an agency gave him a great opportunity to learn the ropes, but he wanted to start recruiting in-house, where he could play a long-term role in building a team.

Moi discovered an opening at Exterro in February of 2021, and was pleased that the hiring process moved quickly. During the interview process, Moi was attracted to the diversity of the team in general and leadership in particular, and he joined the Exterro team in April.

To say he hit the ground running would be an understatement. He’s been able to set goals for himself–and reach them. This year, Moi is looking to earn a certification in Talent Management to complement his background in recruiting, and continue building up his leadership skills. In just over a year, he’s had the chance to implement a new applicant tracking system, mentor and supervise an intern, and even hire another recruiter to join Exterro’s St. Louis area office.

But most of all, Moi has brought a thoughtful approach to recruiting at Exterro. After all, recruiting isn’t just about finding someone to fill a gap on an organizational chart. The candidate has just as much at stake, and finding an organization that matches what they’re looking for is an equal part of making a good match between candidate and role. He’s passionate about helping people find the right match for themselves and their goals, just like he has at Exterro.

That’s why if you apply for a position at Exterro, you’ll find Moi making extra sure to communicate thoughtfully, respond promptly, and focus on your needs as well. With the way the job market moves these days, Moi explained, Exterro wants to make sure to find good candidates–people who tend to find their next role within four to six weeks of entering the market. And thankfully Exterro offers Moi the kind of work-life balance that lets him continue playing soccer at a highly competitive level, where he has the opportunity to mentor younger players and cultivate their skills, both on and off the pitch.