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$20 Donations to the Charity of Your Choice

Created on August 19, 2022

Legal GRC Market Analyst at Exterro

There are so many causes out there that deserve funding, it’s hard to pick which ones are most worthy. Chances are you have a few causes that you give to. (For me, it’s a local education non-profit, my public radio station, and the animal shelter on a regular basis, with the occasional small one-off here or there.) But you probably recognize that there are more causes that deserve funding. Three that we’re pretty sure are deserving are the American Red Cross, Stand Up to Cancer, and the Make a Wish Foundation. I could easily justify giving to all three, but a budget is a budget… especially when dollars don’t seem to go quite as far these days.

What would you say if you could give $20 to one of those causes without opening your wallet? I hope you’d say, “Sure thing,” because you can!

Exterro has a tradition of conducting independent research into legal technology usage. We believe the best, most applicable information for most professionals comes from other practicing professionals facing similar challenges. So we create and conduct surveys that allow us, among other things, to help legal professionals benchmark their performance against their peers. And right now we’re running not one but two surveys to dig into some important issues for both in-house legal teams and legal professionals at law firms and legal services providers (LSPs).

If you’re an in-house e-discovery professional (and I know there are lots of you on our blog mailing list!), then we’d love to learn about your pre-litigation preparation practices—what are you doing in-house, and what are you farming out to law firms or LSPs? Do you have a dedicated team or e-discovery software? What KPIs do you measure? If you complete the survey, we’ll donate $20 to the charity of your choice—and you’ll receive a complementary copy of the report when we finish.

What about if you’re a legal professional at a firm or an LSP? Well, we’re conducting research into document review practices and technology, and sharing those results with industry professionals and in-house legal teams, improving your understanding of what your peers are doing and helping in-house counsel understand what technology, processes, and KPIs you’re using to conduct document review. And of course the same offer applies. Complete the survey and we’ll donate $20 to the charity of your choice and offer you a complimentary copy of the report when it’s complete.