Exterro revolutionizes e-discovery market with robotic e-discovery, Fusion WhatSun

Exterro WhatSun, built on the Fusion Artificial Intelligence workflow platform, saves time, money and increases electronic discovery efficiency by replacing people with robots

PORTLAND, Ore. April 1, 2011 Exterro, Inc., the leading provider of legal governance, risk and compliance management solutions, today announced the general availability of Fusion WhatSun, a robotic solution suite built on the Fusion artificial intelligence workflow platform. Fusion WhatSun is made up of RoboHold, RoboConceptSearch, RoboGrabber, RoboCrawler (with add-on RoboCruller), RoboCuller, RoboReview, and RoboReporter. Together, the Fusion WhatSun solution suite will rip and replace any and all enterprise e-discovery and legal hold software, eliminating up to 99.9 percent of all inefficient cerebral functions currently performed by highly paid attorneys, paralegals and technologists.

Until now, only the largest corporations have had armies of expensive attorneys, IT personnel and e-discovery project managers required to successfully complete the electronic discovery process, said Bobby Balachandran, Exterros President and CEO. With Exterro WhatSun, any company or law firm can have a defensible, roboticized method to gain control over electronic discovery and legal hold, including WhatSuns ability to scan two zettabytes of information in its brain in fewer than 172 milliseconds.

To keep up with the current craze for uncertain costs, suspended security protocols, and capacity limitations in e-discovery software, pioneered by CheerClear, weve decided to lighten up our product set by stripping out all higher-functioning cognitive powers, said James FitzGerald, Director of Marketing at Exterro. Users will find the deceptive pricing model reassuringly familiar and will help legal teams maintain frequent dialog with their CFO as they plead for incremental e-discovery crisis funding!

Before Exterro WhatSun, we had to pay more than 100 people to do really complex legal and technology work to execute e-discovery, said Jane Doe, Associated General Counsel of Litigation at EweTaupeEya, Inc. But now, with Exterro WhatSun, weve been able to make most of those people redundant, and are running happily with a skeleton crew of five attorneys equipped with WhatSon BioPorts, for an initial operational cost savings of 95 percent. Were not done yet were currently thinking of axing four more headcount.

About Exterro WhatSun:

  • Rapid time to indoctrination Assembly-line delivery of legal hold, collection and culling capabilities in a zero configuration package for one-size-fits-all electronic discovery Built-in paywall reduces transparency and maximizes costs Every Fusion WhatSun appliance comes with easy-to-install and hard to remove BioPorts (certified to be 85 percent pain-free). BioPorts have been demonstrated in limited customer trials to keep legal and IT teams in unthinking compliance through restricted cognitive functionality