Exterro, Inc. Unveils ROI Calculator for Legal Industry’s Only Dynamic Data Mapping Solution

Los Angeles, CA -  (Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - In conjunction with LegalTech West Coast®, Exterro, Inc., the leading provider of legal governance, risk and compliance management solutions, today announced the availability of its new ROI calculator for Fusion Genome. Built on top of the Fusion workflow platform, Genome provides enterprises with a comprehensive and defensible inventory of their IT systems. Genome's ROI calculator is designed to put the value of data mapping into financial terms. Find Exterro's Fusion Genome ROI calculator at Booth No. 332 at the show.

"To meet regulatory and litigation requirements, an accurate and evergreen data map is mandatory. Tracking large volumes of data governed by complex regulations that are stored in disparate locations can be difficult, costly and inaccurate for any enterprise," said Bobby Balachandran, president and CEO of Exterro, Inc. "Genome's process automation accelerates response, reduces work, and standardizes processes as a company's information changes and grows. Now, with the ROI calculator, our clients can compute the payback timeline and distribution of costs and benefits for their data mapping process."

Exterro's Fusion Genome, leveraging the strengths of the core Fusion workflow platform, enables organizations to view, track, manage and analyze the lifecycle of information, from creation through destruction, reducing exposure to risks like data loss and spoliation, while increasing overall efficiency.

"Exterro is dedicated to delivering solutions for legal process management by providing workflows and applications that automate processes, and drive collaboration, putting the user in control of the decision-making process," said Balachandran. "The Genome ROI calculator accurately predicts how Fusion Genome can provide cost savings and productivity improvements, and is one more way to provide Fortune 500 companies with the visibility they need to drive predictability into their discovery response efforts."

To see a demonstration of Fusion or use the ROI calculator at LegalTech(R), stop by Booth No. 332. After the trade show, schedule a demonstration by calling +1 877-EXTERRO (398-3776), or by logging on to www.exterro.com.

Exterro, Inc. Unveils ROI Calculator for Legal Industry's Only Dynamic Data Mapping Solution