Exterro, Inc. Announces Fusion Genome: Dynamic Data Map 2.0

First Evergreen Data Mapping Solution Extends Exterro's Legal Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Platform

New York, NY - (Marketwire - February 3, 2009) - At LegalTech® New York, Exterro, the legal industry's most trusted provider of software solutions for the legal industry, today unveiled Fusion GenomeTM. Exterro's Fusion GenomeTM is the first dynamic data mapping solution that allows corporate legal and IT teams to identify, manage and analyze the life cycle of data sources and electronically stored information (ESI) comprehensively across an enterprise, and keeps that information evergreen. Built atop Exterro's proven Fusion workflow platform, GenomeTM gives companies the automated data map they need to understand their rapidly evolving information universe. Now, corporations can have an end-to-end risk assessment and management solution built on one workflow platform. To view a demonstration of the solution, stop by booth No. 1711 at LegalTech® New York.

Complex and far-reaching regulations, such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), have left corporate legal teams and IT departments exposed to increased scrutiny. Failure to understand and manage an enterprise's data landscape puts it at high risk for incurring significant expenses when responding to regulatory or e-discovery requests. The ad-hoc and manual management systems largely in place today are inadequate to meet the increasing demands and responsibility for information. Legal, IT and records management teams have been looking for a solution that delivers a company-wide, dynamic data map capable of evolving with an enterprise's information inventory. GenomeTM delivers the first intelligent-workflow driven solution to this problem.

"Our Fortune 500 clients' biggest pain points lie in keeping their data maps current. They often rely on error-prone tribal knowledge to manage a great number of constantly changing data sources and systems, resulting in difficulty when implementing regulatory and compliance policies," said Bobby Balachandran, CEO of Exterro, Inc. "Exterro has worked extensively with its client base to develop Fusion GenomeTM. Clients anticipate a one-year ROI of over 500%."

Fusion GenomeTM integrates seamlessly with other enterprise systems such as HR, matter and asset management systems to address the cross-functional business topology needed by business owners across an organization. GenomeTM functions as a standalone solution and also integrates seamlessly with Fusion Legal Hold and Discovery Workflow Management to provide further time and cost savings.

About Fusion Genome

Real-time compliance monitoring and analysis:

  • View, analyze and scope potentially relevant ESI from multiple vantage points, including litigation profile, business units and record types
  • Visual, interactive representation of information to understand who creates and uses what data, where it's stored, and what policies govern its life cycle
  • Powerful, fully-integrated search, reporting and analysis capabilities

Evergreen data map built on a powerful, intelligent workflow platform:

  • Automated workflows ensure constant renewal of data map
  • Integration with enterprise-wide data systems keeps track of the constant evolution of data

End-to-end risk assessment and management:

  • Ties corporate information to the enterprise's organizational structure; intuitively maps data to information flows
  • Easy-to-use and configurable workflows enable users to assemble the right level of data for their enterprise

Fusion GenomeTM is available for delivery immediately through Exterro and Exterro's STRAND partners. Please contact Exterro for end user and consultant partner pricing. For more information about Fusion GenomeTM, go to www.exterro.com/genome.