Exterro and Credence Security to debut ‘The Exterro Experience’ across the Middle East region

The 5-day summit will be open to the public and will feature 4 different events across 4 cities including several closed-door invite-only sessions.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18th October 2021 – Exterro, a leading Digital Forensics, Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance (Legal GRC) company, has partnered with Credence Security to host ‘The Exterro Experience’ a week-long set of engaging activities shedding light on the latest in digital forensics across the Middle East.

Exterro harnesses their innovative and automated platform to resolve salient issues around privacy, legal, digital investigations, cybersecurity response, compliance and information governance.

‘The Exterro Experience’ will take place from 31st October to 3rd November across the region and will feature 5 different events including several closed-door invite-only sessions. “The summit will be open to the public and will see the Exterro executive team meet with regional end-users and strategic partners to discuss all things Exterro,” stated Garreth Scott, Managing Director, Credence Security.

Exterro Client Advisory – Middle East & India

For the first time, Exterro is hosting an event dedicated to the 12 leading digital forensic users in the Middle East. Exterro has successfully hosted an annual global client advisory for a number of years and will now introduce it in the Middle East, for a select close-door, invite-only audience.

Simon Whitburn, VP International & General Manager, Exterro, said “The Client Advisory is a unique working body of senior executives in the digital forensics and legal markets at various organizations across the region. The purpose of the meeting is to help both Exterro and senior executives in the region better understand the changing requirements of the Digital Forensics landscape within the region, which we believe will allow us to design and deliver more relevant offerings to our customers.

“This will also allow invitees to understand important global market trends in order to deliver two-way value. We always make sure to provide educational, entertaining and professional networking opportunities.”

Exterro Symposium - The Future of Digital Forensics

The Exterro Symposium is a roadshow, which will take place in the capitals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The interactive half-day sessions will give attendees a chance to explore the latest innovations in digital forensics and learn how to take investigations to the next level. Attendees will gain insights into the latest global digital forensics trends and learn how to address the challenges facing the industry today. The sessions will explore strategic considerations including staffing, budgets, resourcing and so on. Invitees will also be able to rub shoulders with leaders and peers, and optimize unique local networking opportunities.

Exterro experts will demonstrate the capabilities of FTK, the world’s most trusted digital forensics platform, which has been made even better with ground-breaking new features and upgrades. What’s more, it’s now also accompanied by an entire suite of products to unleash the power of FTK for every type of forensic investigation!

Delegates can take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to learn about the significant technological investments that Exterro has made since acquiring AccessData, and to join other industry professionals to help shape the future of digital forensics.

Exterro Training Summit – AccessData Certified Technician Training

Join the 2-day certification to take your digital forensic investigations to the next level.

Delegates can take advantage of this specialized training course while also gaining practical insight into Exterro’s FTK Imager - the industry's leading imaging tool used to acquire evidence in a forensically sound manner.

At the end of the training session, all of the students will have the opportunity to participate in the Certification exam for the AccessData Certified Technician (ACT) certificate. When obtained this Qualification shows the user to be knowledgeable in the basics of imaging concepts and the use of features within FTK Imager.

Using their new knowledge and skills gained throughout the 2-day event, attendees may choose to test their competency and understanding of the tool, with certificates awarded for those passing the ACT (AccessData Certified Technician) training.

Where you can register: (Registrations are subject to organizers confirmation)

Exterro Training Summit: https://bit.ly/exterro-trainingsummit

Exterro Symposium (Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh): https://bit.ly/exterro-symposium